10 Debt Lessons You Can Learn from Football Players 

In the 1990s, football was my life. I was a placekicker for the New York Jets, Seattle Seahawks, and Buffalo Bills. My career highlight was leading the AFC in touchbacks in 1995.

If you don't know what any of that means, let me explain it another way: I played the nation's most popular sport, and I did it very well for a little while. But then it was over because NFL careers average just over three years. I beat that limit, but I couldn't beat time. Time has an undefeated record.

My years in the NFL taught me almost as much about staying out of debt as my subsequent career as president of Debt.com.

So let's kick off 10 Debt Lessons You Can Learn from Football Players.

Money will get you out of debt, but it won't keep you out of debt. I saw that up close for years. Give someone $1 million and don't teach them how to budget, save, and invest – and I promise you they'll be down to their last dollar before they retire.

Brains Beat Bucks

So if you think your money woes would just be solved by a cash injection, I don't believe that. If millionaires can go broke without possessing financial knowledge, then you can thrive with that knowledge.

You can't save money for a new car or a new home, or a new family if you don't know what life is costing you now. I promise you those NFL players who went bankrupt didn't have a budget.

Budgeting is Your Game Plan

NFL all-star Warren Sapp made $40 million over his 13-year career. He retired in 2008, and he filed for bankruptcy in 2012. We played in the NFL at the same time, and while I didn't know him, I'm confident I can say this: Warren Sapp didn't stick to a budget.

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