The Power of F-U Money: How it gives you control

Now, in the way I am using it we would like to give it a place in the financial world. FU money is the money needed to basically say “F-You” to work, or to anything that has control over you through money.

The power of F-U money at work: Oftentimes, people are tied to jobs because it pays for our expenses. I totally understand. Being able to work, gives me the opportunity to save money, invest money, and spend money on things that I enjoy.

Coast FI: How much do you need for FU money?

 I think we need to think more about Coast FI to get us there. This is the amount of money you need to basically coast to financial independence.

Money controls what we do and where we go. It always has. We have to be able to take control of our money.

The Control of Money:

FU money gives us options: I love having options. Being able to not worry about money is something great! All of a sudden options have opened up. Options for employment. There are options of where to live.

Live and do what you want FU money gives us power to live where we want. Living in Taiwan is great and cheap, but if we were to move closer to in-laws in Australia we could. Money working for us is better than working for money.

It is time to make some goals. This is the time to make action. When you are younger you have more time on your side.

Time to build the F-U Money Fund

Let’s take some steps today. – Make a goal. – Define how much is enough to be FU money for you. – Let the power of F-U money guide you through life.

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