The Priority Pass Review: Is Priority Pass Worth It?

Have you ever wanted to visit an airport lounge? Do you travel often and want to save money on food? The Priority Pass makes all of this possible.

Most people go to lounges if they fly business class or First class. They may even have status to go along with their airline or airlines’ alliance allowing them to venture over to the lounge.

What is Priority Pass?

The Priority Pass gives members airport lounge access that grants individuals access to over 1300 different lounges worldwide.

You grab your boarding pass, get through security, find the nearest place in the airport that accepts Priority Pass and go there. 

How Does Priority Pass Work?

Then show the attendant the app or the Priority Pass. Now you are ready to sit, eat, drink some good beverages such as coffee, tea, beer, wine, or liquor, and enjoy until your flight time.

It is not only a lounge pass, but there are perks with discounts on accommodations and deals on various stores within an airport.

What Are The Perks of The Priority Pass

You can show up later to the airport and maybe eat some airport food which costs money, or show up a bit earlier and relax with the food that comes with the pass.

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