Recession-Proof Stocks: 13 Stocks to Buy to Weather the Storm

Are you worried about a recession destroying your portfolio? In times of turmoil, people worry about their investments, money, and their financial futures.

The emergence of e-commerce has helped many industries thrive during the Covid-19 pandemic. Here is a list of 13 recession-proof stocks that will keep going.

As a defense contractor, you will not see Lockheed Martin disappear. On the contrary, during each recession, the defense budget has increased over time. With increased spendings means more revenue for companies like Lockheed Martin.

1. Lockheed Martin (LMT)

2. AutoZone (AZO)

AutoZone is a safe defensive stock that you can get into during recessions. When people try to spend less, they will buy fewer cars, which means people will spend more money fixing their vehicles.

3. Pepsi Co. (PEP)

During the pandemic, one item that took off was cocktail mixers. As people were stuck at home, they no longer could go to bars. So the cocktail mixers sold by Pepsi Co. rose by 36% in 2020 alone.

4. Lowes (LOW)

Due to recessions, people are more likely to start doing more DIY projects at home. This gives big box stores and hardware stores more business. Lowes is a company that people began to flock to for doing home improvement projects.