The Ultimate Guide to Fat FIRE!:Say Goodbye to Living Paycheck to Paycheck

Fat FIRE offers the chance to enjoy a higher standard of living with more financial security than other kinds of FIRE. Here's how to make it happen.

Financial independence is a dream for many people. The idea of quitting your job and doing what you want with your life is incredibly appealing. Fat FIRE gives you this opportunity.

Let's Review: What is FIRE?

FIRE is an acronym for “Financial Independence, Retire Early.” The basic idea is to save a large percentage of your income and invest it wisely to hit early retirement.

Fat FIRE is simply a version of FIRE for people who want to retire to a more luxurious lifestyle than they currently live.

What is Fat FIRE?

Fat FIRE is the opposite of Lean FIRE, a more austere lifestyle in which you might retire early but live very frugally. Fat FIRE allows you to retire early and live a relatively luxurious lifestyle.

With other kinds of FIRE, saving 30% of your income might be sufficient, but for Fat FIRE you need to be prepared to stock away 50% or more of your annual income.

How Do You Achieve Fat FIRE?

Saving for retirement and practicing frugality are a few ways to make Fat FIRE possible. Here are a couple of ways to achieve Fat FIRE.

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