Those Money Haters are Gonna Hate

I created a Facebook post that brought on a ton of heat. It was so much heat that friends reached out to me to say how this was crazy, uncalled for heat, and everything I said was not what other people made it out to be. What I learned was money haters are gonna hate.

Let’s Start off with the post:

There are a lot of millionaires living next door to you. They don't look it because they drive used cars, live a modest life, and save more than they earn.

Now you may be asking why I took so much heat from this article. One thing for sure was that I was busting people’s financial myths and possibly ruining their day.

People are often fed lies to help control them.

The Heat from the Post:

One of the haters on the post thought the post was racially problematic. He thought the post showed that only white people had the chance of success. I am not sure where he drew his conclusion from.

One of my haters:

Haters are gonna hate, but friends will stay by your side.

The amazing thing is that so many of my friends, aquaintances, and family reached out to me, and told me about how I was helping them with their finances.

Other Money Bloggers and their Haters:

People really do hate things that they believe are true. Where does all this hate come from? Oftentimes, people see others as a threat and use that to fuel their strategic takedown of other people. 

“I just paid off my debt! (You shouldn’t have had any to begin with) I just invested in my first stock! (You need to diversify more)

Here are some of the hate he got.

“.....But to see it applied in modern times to a financial blogger who attempts to share the benefits of a lower-consumption lifestyle with the rest of the world can be pretty funny.”

Some Wisdom about some of the haters.

The hate comes from something within. What do financial bloggers do? They give hope, they give goals, plans, and advice on how to change your life.

Financial bloggers Give Hope:

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