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Top 4 Insights for Homeless Young Professionals To Save Money

While browsing a local thrift shop, I stumbled across a painful greeting card. The front of the card read something similar: ‘ you know you're in your 20s when you choose between food and rent.'

One person on a popular internet forum asked how “suggestions for homeless young professionals to avoid eating in order to save money?”

This post won't focus on avoidance of eating but instead on four budget-friendly methods for those facing financial hardship or unstable housing situations.


Facebook Marketplace hosts myriad bargains and free content for Facebook users. One person said they found their propane camping stove for $15 on the resource.

1. Propane Camping Stove

Researching local food banks helps several users eat meals daily. Food banks collect unwanted or donated food from the community and repurpose the ingredients for hungry people.

2. Food Banks

Many churches, mosques, and temples offer free meals throughout the month. Some have weekly meals, and others have daily meals, depending on the church and religion.

3. Churches Offer Free Meals

Users lauded gas stations and public libraries for their public microwaves. Approach a gas station or library worker with a smile and a friendly manner before asking to use their microwave.

4. Public Microwaves

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