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Top 5 Countries to Retire Abroad For Americans

As the population ages in America and many retirees have money to spend, they are looking for ways to enjoy life. 

Here are 5 countries to retire abroad for Americans


Portugal is the number one country for Americans to retire to. It is for a good reason that many Americans flock there.

1. Portugal

With Mexico so close to the U.S., it provides an excellent opportunity for many retirees to go and enjoy the culture, food, great weather, and sunny beaches.

2. Mexico

Costa Rica is seen as one of the most popular American Retiree countries in the world with their peaceful retirement. You have terrific beaches on both the Pacific and the Caribbean, with lush tropical forests in the middle.

3. Costa Rica

Panama is one of the cheapest countries for Americans to retire to. One can live a comfortable lifestyle for under $1200 a month ($1,800 for a couple).

4. Panama

Ecuador is a retiree’s dream. Ecuador is full of senior discounts, from half-priced airfare back to the States to discounts on utilities and tax. It is considered the best tax-free retired country in the world.

5. Ecuador

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