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4 Vacations That Changed People’s Lives

Transformative Travel:

Many travelers' vacations are a way to take a break from their daily lives, see the sights, and get some much-needed rest. For some, their trips were so powerful their lives changed for the better.

Users from an online travel forum describe the trips that forever changed their lives, and their stories are incredible.



A hike up the Monserrate hill in Bogotá, Colombia, was enough to compel one wayfarer to lose weight. Their struggle to climb the mountain at 6'3″ in height and weighing more than 300 pounds was a wake-up call.

1. A Physical Transformation

For a first-generation American whose father is from Nigeria, visiting the country was a life-changing experience. They met people in high-level professional career positions and other walks of life that looked just like them.

2. Cultural Connections

A kid from the Midwest travels to New York City with their parents and feels their view of the world changes as if their universe is expanding beyond their world at home. They say that as an adult, they're still chasing that feeling.

3. Big City Dreams

When you suffer from environmental allergies like pollen and mosquitoes and are sensitive to direct sunlight, it isn't easy to find enjoyable places, as one experienced traveler can attest.

4. Iceland's Natural Beauty

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