The 8 Best Vanguard Index Funds

Investing can always seem like a daunting task. There are so many options to invest in; which one is the best? Those is the thoughts that roll through our heads as we think about investing.

What is Vanguard?

Vanguard is a brokerage company created by John Bogle in 1975. John Bogle wanted to create a brokerage company owned by the people to make investing easy. This company has been the leader in making index funds available to many people and allowing average joes a piece of the stock market pile.



What are Index Funds?

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An index fund is a fund of companies created to mimic an index. The best thing about these index funds is they are low-cost.

Target is that more excellent version of Walmart. The staff is kind, the prices are reasonable, and you have a better feeling of shopping here. he First 3 Quarters of 2020 rose 10.8%, 24.3%, and 20.7%, respectably.

2. Target (TGT)

Are there Pros and Cons to Vanguard Index Funds?


1. Low Cost Keeping the costs very low is a great thing for index funds, and it helps keep their performance high without costing you extra.

2. There Are ETFs This allows them to be traded throughout the day just like stocks can be traded. This also makes them very tax efficient.


One of the biggest cons to the Vanguard index funds is the minimum investments to start off. A minimum of $3,000 needs to be invested in getting into the Vanguard Index Funds. Using the ETF version is much easier since you pay for the price of the ETF.


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1. VTSAX: The Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund This is one of the best index funds out there. It has the history, the price point, the recommendations from so many people, and it has a collection of over 3500 different companies that make up this fund. 2. VFIAX: The Vanguard S&P 500 Fund This is one of the original index funds. Initially, this was the admiral shares of the fund, but VFINX has been discontinued for new investors

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3. VBTLX: The Vanguard Total Bond Index Fund

VBTLX offers an index fund that has a broad range of bonds. There are stipulations. This index fund does not hold any junk bonds or any C-graded bonds, and this is a way to keep the bond index fund from fluctuation.

This index fund consists of thousands of companies worldwide. There are about 7000 different companies that help make up VTIAX. The companies that are not in VTSAX are the ones that are abroad, and you can get exposure to TSMC, Samsung, Nestle, and Alibaba.

4. VTIAX: The Vanguard International Index Fund

5. VGSLX: The Vanguard Real Estate Investment Index Fund

VGSLX is the index fund that tracks REITs. A REIT is a real estate investment trust that will own a good portion of real estate, and REITs can be those organizations that own shopping malls or nursing homes.

This index fund is typically for those growth companies. Suppose you are young or looking for an index fund that tracks growth companies like Amazon, Google, or Facebook. This could be a good one for you.

6. VIGAX: The Vanguard Growth Index Fund

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