7 Ways the Rich Build Fortunes While Taking It Easy


While the average American has to work at least 40 hours a week to survive, rich people generally know how to stay rich and become richer with little effort. It’s one thing to increase personal wealth by working hard; it’s another to increase wealth passively and literally let the money roll in.

One thing many rich people have in common is they have multiple streams of revenue. Instead of relying on one source of income, they make sure they have money coming in from different sources.

1. Multiple Revenue Streams

2. Invest in Technology

 We can’t imagine going without it, even though smartphones didn’t exist 30 years ago, and no one had a laptop or desktop computer in their home 60 years ago.

3. Buy Dividend Stocks

Dividend stocks are business stocks that pay dividends when the company profits. Companies typically pay dividends to shareholders every quarter.

Buying into a franchise is expensive but potentially profitable, especially if it’s popular and in the right location. .

4. Own Popular Franchises

Commercial real estate has the potential to be highly profitable when it comes to property investing. The wealthy can buy one or more commercial properties and rent them out long-term.

5. Commercial  Real Estate

6. Intellectual Property Rights

Superstar performer Michael Jackson famously bought the Beatles’ music catalog rights in the 1980s. That was one of the most financially rewarding investments in history.

7. Become an  Angel Investor

Wealthy people are aware of promising small and startup businesses, especially in the tech sector. When the rich find a startup they want to invest in, they do so usually in exchange for a small ownership stake in the company.

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