What is an Expat or Expatriate? Living Life Abroad

The feeling of living abroad comes with nuances. The people you meet, the food you eat, the culture you dive headfirst into, and the biggest thing that comes out of it would be the experiences you have living life overseas.

Now the question comes down to what is an expat or an expatriate?  Expat is a shortened term for expatriate. If we want to dive deep into this question, let's set up what the words mean. 

An expat has left their home country and resides or lives in a different country. These people may have left their homeland to live or work in another country.

What is an Expat or Expatriate?



How Many Expatriates Are Around the World?

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As of now, there are around 258 million expats, and by 2050 an estimated 405 million people will be expats: about 9 million American expatriates and another 5 million British expatriates living overseas.

Is an Expat an Immigrant?

Let's make things clear. An immigrant comes to reside in a foreign country permanently, and an expat is in a foreign country temporarily or permanently. They are the same thing. 


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Becoming an Expat Never fear; being an expat is a very adventurous thing to do. Leaving your home country, local food, family, and friends is not an easy task. 

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Why Do People Become Expats?

Some people are looking for different job opportunities. Being an English teacher abroad offers many opportunities to travel, earn a good living, and live a new adventurous life as an expat. 

It would help if you got accustomed to many things as life is much different. Here are a few things to remember if you want to live as an expat. 

What is it Like to Live as an Expat?

New Culture

It is part of being an expat. You leave to experience new cultures and new places to share different ways they do things. People also have various superstitions that may be strange to you or even foods you may not be accustomed to trying.

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