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What is Stealth Wealth? 3 Ways to Practice Stealth Wealth

Have you ever met anyone you thought was poor, barely making it, or not even having any money? Then you find out they are a millionaire?

Stealth Wealth keeps money and wealth hidden from people like your friends, family, and colleagues at work. It is not about hiding it, but more about hiding the fact that you have wealth.

What is Stealth Wealth?

These benefits come from just being able to live a better life without having to worry about others hovering over you for money.

Benefits From Stealth Wealth



One of the most significant ways people will know how much you have is by bragging on social media—showing everyone your new ride, throwing money in the air, or even having the most lavish vacations.

Don't Brag on Social Media

Driving average cars allows you not to stand out. The other benefit of driving an average car is the maintenance and upkeep.

Drive Average Cars

If you were to reveal your income as something crazy high, people could see you as a target. This does not allow you to live your stealth wealth life.

Never Reveal Your Income

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