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What is Stealth Wealth? 4 Ways to Practice Stealth Wealth

I once worked for a man that always worked in farming clothes. He had a modest house, but he would dress in his suits on Sundays to go to church in his Mercedes. Now this guy during the day would seem not wealthy at all.

Stealth Wealth keeps money and wealth hidden from people like your friends, family, and colleagues at work. It is not about hiding it, but more about hiding the fact that you have wealth.

What is Stealth Wealth?

4 Ways to Practice Stealth Wealth


Being able to look at the part and do the part of stealth wealth is the key. If you are flashy with your money, people will notice. If you practice frugality, those around you will not notice at all.

Practice Frugality

Spending habits are a big red flag. We all have our spending habits that people pick up on—going out to eat once a week can be a typical habit that people will pick up on.

Don't Overspend

Having a trust or a will helps keep your money safe for future generations. Some people want to take advantage of your money and income.

Create Trusts and Wills

Empathy and humility go a long way in life. Life should not be about bragging and boasting about new riches or wealth. W need to learn to be generous, have some humility, and practice being empathic towards others.

Practice Empathy and Humility

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