What's the Big Deal About Six Figures?

What’s the deal with 6 figures? People talk about 6 figures like it is a big deal. If you work hard enough, you may have a 6 figure salary at your full-time job. 

A friend may brag to you about the 6 figures he has saved up in a bank. Why is it so important, and what are the benefits of having 6 figures?

What are 6 figures?

It can be a status symbol. There is no problem with that. The issue is how are you saving that money. I dived into some questions that come across from comparing with the Joneses. 

Six figures are anything from $100,000 to $999,999, and this sounds repetitive, but as we consider the 6 figure amount I want to make sure we are on the same page. 

How much are 6 figures?

College is important for that 6 figure person

One way to achieve your dreams of hitting the 6 figure salary number is to go to college. That’s right. You need to go to college.

Here are some good money-making 6-figure Jobs:

- Actuary - Architectural Engineer - Anesthesiologist - Aerospace Engineer - Chemical Engineer

What Can a 6 Figure Salary do for you?

Here are a couple of ways this high salary can help you out.

Relieves stress:

If your financial habits are great then a higher salary can do wonders in helping you relieve some of that stress from money issues. 

Financial Freedom:

Financial freedom could be at your doorsteps. One thing people often say is to save more money to help reach financial freedom.