What’s the Deal with 6 Figures?

If you work hard enough, you may have a 6 figure salary at your full-time job. A friend may brag to you about the 6 figures he has saved up in a bank. Why is it so important, and what are the benefits of having 6 figures?

What are 6 figures?

Quite honestly, it is an amount of money that equates to $100,000-$999,999. It is a big number that people like to use to measure themselves with. Is it that important?


How much are 6 figures? As you may guess, certain professions guarantee a 6 figure salary. People train, go to college, study, and work themselves up to hitting that 6 figure salary.

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One way to achieve your dreams of hitting the 6 figure salary number is to go to college. Forbes found that 84% of the richest 400 Americans have a bachelor's degree.

College is important for that 6 figure person.

Here are some good money-making 6-figure Jobs:

– Actuary – Architectural Engineer – Anesthesiologist – Aerospace Engineer – Chemical Engineer – Computer Systems Analysts Click read more for the full list


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What Can a 6 Figure Salary do for you? 1. Relieves stress: If your financial habits are great then a higher salary can do wonders in helping you relieve some of that stress from money issues. 2. Financial Freedom: Once you increase that savings rate you then go off to invest that money to help it grow and work for you. 3.Lifestyle Your lifestyle may change. There will be more money, and more opportunities to travel, spend, and upgrade your life.

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Here are some ways to make more money to hit 6 figures:

1. Work Hard being able to work hard, take initiative can get you seen by your boss. That can turn into promotions and bigger raises. 2. Changing Jobs Working hard is great, but if working hard at your current job does not reap any benefits, you can seek other options in employment.

Savings is something that can supercharge your net worth. If you want 6 figures in the bank you must live a more frugal life. Spending has to stop, it is time to save that money for the long term.

3. Live Frugally

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