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Where Is Malta? 4 Irresistible Reasons to Visit

What it lacks in size, Malta makes up for in history, stunning scenery, and fun things to do. This article will set the scene for why it holds the influences it does, why Malta is worth visiting, and answer one of the most common questions of all, ‘Where is Malta?'

The Republic of Malta is a small independent country archipelago, or group of islands, in southern Europe's central Mediterranean Sea. 

Where Is Malta?

Here Are 4 Things To Do and See in Malta


Valletta is a great day trip for sightseeing, offering some fantastic dining options and an entire history of a country at your fingertips, with museums, palaces, and even underground tunnels beneath the city.

1. Valletta

Located in Hal Saflieni, the Hypogeum is one of Malta's most remarkable megalithic temples because it is underground. Access to the temples is restricted due to strict humidity and carbon dioxide controls, so while tickets are not expensive, the limited availability makes it an exclusive experience.

2. Hypogeum

Malta has its share of fine dining experiences, but some of the most satisfying and refreshing can be in the quaintest places.

3. Off-The-Beaten-Path Food Experiences

In the build-up to a village feast, there will be enough fireworks to make you think a war has started. This revelry is just the build-up to the spectacular finale on the night of the ‘big feast,' typically on a Saturday.

4. Village Feast Season

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