Why Do the Rich Always Keep Getting Richer?

Rich people think differently. They have a different mindset. A mindset for gaining assets instead of liabilities.

They work hard on their goals that they set and continue to achieve them. Living paycheck to paycheck is not something they do. So why do rich people keep getting richer?

1. They have an Emergency Fund

These funds help cover you.  A rich person always has this. It helps protect their wealth.

They do not live paycheck to paycheck. The rich have a higher savings rate and realize that saving and investing the money is the way to make your money work for you. 

2. Pay Yourself First

3. Not Keeping Up with the Joneses

We have to think about what we want out of life. Rich people delay gratification, and are able to withhold their money spending.

4. The Snowball effect

Rich people work hard and early on investing money in order to let compound interest have the time needed to create even more wealth.

5. They spend Less on Taxes

The rich love to avoid not paying taxes. It is easier for them. They know how to not pay it, and they use the law to keep them rich.