Why do we fear doing taxes?

Taxes are a basic part of life. Governments work off of taxes. It pays for schools, it pays for police, and infrastructure. Yet, we still fear and dread that eventual day of doing our taxes. So why do we fear doing our taxes?

Some Simplicity of Country taxes:

Most people would prefer to not pay taxes. It is something people would prefer not to pay. Maybe it is because the tax laws are complex. It could be that we do not believe our money is being spent the way we want it or any other reason. If taxes were easier to do would people then be more likely to pay them? 


A well developed tax code is easy for companies and individuals to comply with which can promote a better economic development throughout the country.

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Simplifying the Complexities in Tax Code:

USA Taxes can be quite complicated

The 1040 is a shorter form, but when you have investments, deductions, and all sorts of other forms things get a little complicated. Rules are being changed every year, and that is a lot of knowledge to keep up.

Tax Software

In this 21st Century, Tax software has become the rage. Think about it, you can upload your documents, fill out the forms, and boom taxes are done. You are in the clear. The cool thing is that this can all be done electronically.


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Ways to make taxes easier:

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1. Financial knowledge Truly being knowledgeable of how to save on taxes, pay less, and do it by yourself can really save some time and grief. 

2. Saving Money

Learning how to save money through tax deferred accounts, like 401ks, IRAs, and HSAs is one way to save money and save on taxes.

It is all about saving money in the tax deferred accounts. Learning to save is a huge bonus.

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