Why Should You Consider Living Stingy?

Have you heard of the term living stingy? I know I have. It rings that negative connotation in your head. You hear the word stingy and automatically think this person is cheap, skimpy, penny-pinching, and any other words that relate to being stingy. What does living stingy really imply?

Stingy means: unwilling to spend money. It has many synonyms like cheapskate, meager, tight-fisted, and any others you may think of. 

What does Living Stingy Mean?

Why Should You Consider Living Stingy?


1. Financial Freedom:

Living Stingy can really help you achieve financial goals like attaining financial freedom. This is one of the best things about saving money. Being able to be financially free, is one of the greatest goals to achieve. 

Being on a living stingy mindset, you will need to learn how to budget your money. This means you need to know where your money is going. This could be from setting up a budget or even just tracking every expense. Being able to track your money helps you to plan out better for your future. Then you can cut out waste that is happening when you spend money.

2. Saving Money:

3. Accomplishing Goals:

Creating financial goals is one thing that living stingy creates in you. You start to save money through a budget, then you are wondering what to do with this money so you look up information and discover some financial blogs that teach about investing.

There is a stigma attached to living stingy. People are labeled with this cheap label. They are looked down upon and sometimes are not invited to places because people think they are cheap. 


1. Stigma:

2. Sacrifices:

Oftentimes, we need to sacrifice things in order to be living stingy. This a huge con. People need to change their mindsets. If you are used to having cable and subscriptions to every single tv network then that needs to change. 

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