Yotta Savings vs ALLY BANK:   Who wins?

Let’s begin to talk about savings accounts. First of all, savings accounts are the place you want to save your money for like an emergency fund. It is a good place to park your money until needed. Let’s talk about two different savings accounts: Yotta savings vs Ally Bank. 

What is Yotta Savings:

Yotta Savings is a savings account that features a game-like experience. They got the idea from the U.K. It makes savings like a lottery.


For every $25 you deposit, you will receive a 7 number ticket. Each night at around 9 p.m. there will be numbers drawn. This is called the Yotta ball. If you win this number you will win some money. 

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How does Yotta Savings Earn you money?

How are these numbers picked?

Yotta uses a third party insurance company that chooses the number each night. It is totally random.

Ally Bank is an online bank that has it all. – They have checking accounts – There are savings accounts – Investing accounts – Money markets – CDs

Ally Bank


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Ally Bank’s Savings Account:

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Ally’s bank account is like a regular bank account. You can automate deposits from a checking account. The app is pretty straightforward with a great interface.


– Full bank offerings – Investment Account – Automatic Savings – Great Customer Service

Cons: – Limited to 6 transfers or Withdrawals a month – 0.50% APY – No thrills or prizes like Yotta

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