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You'll Wonder Why Anyone Would Perform These 4 Awful Jobs

Some, unfortunately, are downright terrible and should never be done by anyone, no matter how desperate they may be for work.

Sometimes you might hear from your friends and family members how their jobs are miserable and how much they hate them – it's these types of jobs we're talking about here.

If you are seeking employment or considering a career change, stay away from the following 4 terrible jobs.


Crime scene cleaners are responsible for tidying up areas where unfortunate events occurred, such as accidents or violent crimes. They handle the removal of blood, bodily fluids, and other hazardous materials

1. Crime Scene Cleaner

Mine workers labor deep underground to extract valuable minerals and resources that are essential in our everyday lives. The work environment can be extremely hazardous

2. Mine Worker

Skyscraper window cleaners are tasked with maintaining the sparkling appearance of tall buildings by cleaning their exterior glass surfaces.

3. Skyscraper Window Cleaner

Sewage treatment workers are crucial in maintaining public health and protecting the environment. They are responsible for managing and cleaning sewage systems to ensure waste is processed safely and efficiently.

4. Sewage Treatment Worker

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