Your Free Credit Score: Top 5 Reasons to Keep Track of It

Your Free Credit Score: 

Credit is a topic that many people feel uncomfortable talking about, but it is also a crucial part of your daily finances. There are many ways to build a strong credit score.

Where Do You Find Your Free Credit Report?

-Experian -Equifax -Transunion

1. You Will Be Able To Keep Track Of Inaccurate Reporting And Identity Theft

Some companies will monitor everything for you, which is a good option, but there are other ways to watch your credit for free, such as your banking app or free credit reporting sites you can use to keep track of your credit history.

2. You Will Be Able To Better Manage And Maintain Your Credit

Bank apps have great programs that will notify you for free if there are any unexpected charges on your credit cards.

3. It Helps You Save For Future Expenses

When you are working hard to budget, save, and cut down on expenses for purchases such as a home or car, it is crucial to monitor your credit to ensure your score is where you want it and that there is nothing there that shouldn’t be there.

4. You Will Be Able To Monitor How Much “Good Debt” VS. “Bad Debt” You Have

When you have a credit card or any other high-interest debt, you want to ensure your balances don’t go over 30% of your credit lines.

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