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4 Common Things Even Frugal People Spare No Expense On

Frugal folks are infamous for their savvy spending habits, but did you know there are some things even they wouldn't mind splurging on?

Keep reading as we dive into twelve everyday things members of an online community feel even frugal people spare no expense on.

4 Common Things Even Frugal People Spare No Expense On Story


Members share that investing in good shoes is the secret to happy and confident strides! One states that after years of spending $20 on ballerina flats, she learned the importance of good kicks the hard way.

1. Shoes: Stepping Up

No one wants to be caught with a rough, flimsy paper that feels like sandpaper against your skin. Users share they would not skimp on the quality of their toilet paper.

2. Toilet Paper: Scratchy Situation

Many say they would never compromise when it comes to oral health. Avoiding brushing can quickly lead to cavities which can soon lead to a root canal requirement.

3. Oral Health: Say Cheese!

According to the forum, many frugal folks will cut coupons, shop sales, and reuse tea bags but won't compromise for a more expensive mattress and a good night's sleep.

4. Mattress: Easy Rest

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