10 Best Frugal Habits To Develop To Save Big Money

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If getting money is essential, knowing how to keep money is even more critical. Without that, you could blow your entire savings in days, maybe weeks, and be confused about how and where all your money went.


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Yes, you only live once and must spend money to enjoy life, but life requires balance. Without balance, especially with finances, you may become depressed, anxious, and desperate. Knowing these tips will help you develop good money-spending and saving habits and take control of your finances.

1. Log Your Spending

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Keeping track of your spending is a great way to ensure you are not going overboard. No matter how little or insignificant, always document your spending and reflect on it regularly; it would help in being cautious about spending on unnecessary things.

It would help you know if you are spending more than you are earning and when to make necessary changes. It also doesn't take any time; it becomes a routine if you do it regularly enough.

2. Freeze Your Food

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Cooking every day is not only stressful, but it is also expensive. No one wants to have to put up with that every day — and you shouldn't.

Practice cooking large portions of food and freezing them. It saves you time, stress, and money, as you only have to heat it when you need to eat. As one contributor says, “The freezer is your friend.”

3. Budget

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Budgeting is highly crucial in anything that has to do with finances. Without budgeting, you could spend your entire life stuck in a circle, in debt and poverty.

Every day of your life, you're going to deal with money, and having basic finance knowledge would significantly impact your life. One person adds, ” If you are never taught how to budget, you are being set up for failure.”

4. Delete Food Delivery Apps

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This is one that everyone needs to consider as we eat daily. Delete food delivery apps and learn to run errands to save money. Or you can look at a better alternative; meal planning.

Most of the time, you order food or buy junk because you don't know what to eat (speaking from experience). Meal planning helps you stay organized and healthy, as you always know what you will eat, which enables you to waste less money.

5. Learn To Unplug

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Electricity bills can run high, and you don't want to stare at the bill when it's payday wondering how it got so expensive.

Make things easy for yourself — and your bank account — and unplug items that are not vital or in use, even something as insignificant as light bulbs. It would surprise you how much you would be saving.

6. Get A Library Card

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This tip would prove helpful to geeks around the world. And folks that like to crawl between pages regularly. Get a library card!

Sure, buying books is great, and they may sit pretty on your stylish shelf, but you could save up to hundreds of dollars by using the library instead of buying books every time.

7. Stress Less About Furniture

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We get it; you want your home to look pretty and state-of-the-art, but it is going nowhere. So take your time getting furniture or decor after you get a house. Take the time to plan a budget for your home. Even consider redesigning old furniture. It could be fun!

8. Rent On The Middle Floor

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Who knew the middle floor could be the luckiest in a building? Yes, they are. Try to rent a place on the middle floor of a multi-story complex.

According to someone, the ground floor units are most like to get burglarized, and the top floor units cost more to keep cool in the summer because the sunlight beats down on the roof.

9. Healthy Snack Options

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Snacking on vegetables and fruits can be an excellent way to save money. Vegetables and fruits make healthy snacks and are less expensive than junk alternatives. And as they keep you healthy, they also reduce medical costs as the risk of health issues is less.

10. Only Buy What You Can Afford

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The Jay-Z quote, “If you can't buy it twice, you can't afford it,” has kept many people in check. Whenever you feel the urge to make an impulse buy, always consider whether or not you can “afford” that thing, even if you have the money to purchase it.

Believe me, when you have money, the temptation to spend it is always there, but keep yourself in check — nobody else will.

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