8 Amazing Things To Do In Savannah, Georgia On a Weekend 

Looking for a destination where you can enjoy beautiful landscapes, indulge in delicious southern food, and discover incredible historic sites for your next holiday? Then go to Savannah, Georgia.

From charming cobblestone streets weaving you through historic buildings to beautiful parks, pristine beaches, and delightful seafood, the oldest city of Georgia has a lot to offer.

1. Take A Trolley Tour Of The City

Once on board, the ride will take you through the historic district, where you'll be able to visit scenic parks and historical buildings dating back from the colonial and Victorian eras.

Once you're done exploring the city with the trolley tour, take a stroll on the scenic River Street for views and fun.

2. Enjoy Savannah's Waterfront

Not only does River Street offer spectacular water views to visitors, but it also brims with cafes, restaurants, and shops. If you're hungry after shopping, then head to Dockside Seafood for a delicious meal you won't forget.

Did you know that Savannah's prohibition museum is the only one in America? That fact alone should you bring you here.

3. Visit The American Prohibition Museum

. And the American Prohibition Museum in Savannah will allow you to travel back in time and immerse yourself into life in the area during these tumultuous times.

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