The 8 Best Things To Do In Savannah, Georgia

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Savannah Georgia

Looking for a destination where you can enjoy beautiful landscapes, indulge in delicious southern food, and discover incredible historic sites for your next holiday?

Then, Savannah, Georgia, might be just what you need!

Whether you love history, art, food, outdoor adventures, or all of the above, a trip to Savannah will not disappoint.

From charming cobblestone streets weaving you through historic buildings to beautiful parks, pristine beaches, and delightful seafood, the oldest city of Georgia has a lot to offer to intrepid travelers, history buffs, and foodies alike.

Ready to embark on this epic journey?

Here Are the 8 Best Things To Do In Savannah, Georgia.

There are so many great things that you can do in Savannah, Georgia. There are not just 8 best things to do in Savannah, but many more. The guide that was created will touch on some of the best things to do in Savannah. As you are planning your wonderful itinerary to visit this charming little city you can the luxury of knowing that it will be an excellent trip full of culture, food, and excitement. 

1. Take A Trolley Tour Of The City

What better way to start your trip in Savannah than taking a tour on a trolley that will take you through the coastal city? Once on board, the ride will take you through the historic district, where you'll be able to visit scenic parks and historical buildings dating back from the colonial and Victorian eras. You'll also be riding along the Savannah River and will be able to lap up some of the most scenic views in the region. 

You can book your tour on the site of Savannah Tours and enjoy the city at your own pace, thanks to unlimited hop-on & hop-off tickets. You'll see landmarks such as the Lucas Theater, Forsyth Park, the Cathedral of St. John The Baptist, and Ellis Square during your adventure.

And, of course, a trolley tour is also a fantastic way to spot bars and restaurants you might want to visit later on.

2. Enjoy Savannah's Waterfront

Savannah Riverfront
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Once you're done exploring the city with the trolley tour, take a stroll on the scenic River Street. Not only does River Street offer spectacular water views to visitors, but it also brims with cafes, restaurants, and shops.

Whether you're after fine jewelry, souvenirs to bring back from your trip to your loved ones, or elegant beachwear, you'll find what you need in City Market.

If you're hungry after shopping, then head to Dockside Seafood for a delicious meal you won't forget. The sauteed shrimps are remarkable, and so is the southern pecan pie! And if you still have some energy after a long day of exploring, head to Wet Willie's for next-level cocktails. The Chocolate Thunder is an absolute must-try! 

Also, we'd recommend taking a walk down the street at sunset to enjoy the beautiful skies and the buzz as locals and visitors start flocking to bars and restaurants to enjoy gourmet food and live entertainment.

3. Visit The American Prohibition Museum

Did you know that Savannah's prohibition museum is the only one in America? This fact alone explains why so many people come from all corners of the globe to visit Savannah!

Prohibition is one of the most infamous eras of American history. And the American Prohibition Museum in Savannah will allow you to travel back in time and immerse yourself into life in the area during these tumultuous times. The museum depicts the story of how prohibition started, the massive social movement behind it, and what life was like during this period through carefully curated galleries and exhibits. The place even features items confiscated from mobsters and a recreated backdoor illegal alcohol operation!

The cherry on the top of the cake, you ask? The museum is also home to a retro-style speakeasy serving delicious cocktails and hosting tequila and whiskey tastings and cocktail classes once a week! 

4. Explore Telfair Museums

Telfair Museums refers to three unique historical sites in Savannah's Historic District. When you buy a ticket for the Telfair museums, you'll be able to see:

The Jepson Center

Designed by architect Moshe Safdie, the site was opened in 2006 and hosted a rich collection of physical prints, paintings, and digital art.

The Telfair Academy

This neoclassical Regency-style building was designed by William Jay and became an art museum in 1886. It's currently home to an impressive 19th and 20th century American and European art collection. One of the most significant pieces is the original Bird Girl statue.

Owens–Thomas House & Slave Quarters

This English Regency-style residence was designed by William Jay and was used to house 14 enslaved people. The Thomas House is one of the earliest intact slave quarters in the South of the country. Once inside, you'll see some of the Owen family's furnishings and objects from the 18th and 19th centuries.

5. Visit The City Market

Back in the 1700s, City Market was the heart of Savannah. People would meet there to mingle, trade and shop. Three hundred years, fire and two wars later, a market is still a bustling place where locals and visitors enjoy coming for good food, entertainment, and shopping.

If you're looking for food and shopping recommendations, you've landed in the right place. While there are many delicious options for you to indulge in while visiting the city market, Byrd's Famous Cookies had to make it at the top of the list. The Key Lime Coolers are always a hit with visitors and locals alike, but we recommend trying the Georgia Peach and the Rocky Road cookies! Satisfaction guaranteed! And if you're traveling with your dog, treat them to their bakery store, Wolfgang Bakery. And if you're looking for a place to eat for lunch, Vinnie Van Gogo's Pizza might be just what you need. This favorite local lets you make your pizza with a wide selection of tasty toppings.

But City Market isn't just about food. The area also brims with cute shops and fantastic art galleries. If you're into art, head to the Art Center to explore unique artists' studios. Whether you like fine photography or vibrant paintings, you'll find something you love in Savannah's Art Center.

6. Embark On A Ghosts And Gravestones Tour

Sound spooky? Good! 

This is exactly what the Ghosts and Gravestones Tour of Savannah is designed to be. 

Some call Savannah the supernatural capital of the United States, and it also features in the top ten most haunted cities in America in the ghost hunting community. Its past rich in history has a lot to do with it. Historic homes, Inns, and restaurants are believed to host the spirits of former inhabitants, and you can even have a beer or sleep in some of the most haunted buildings in the city!

One of the best spots in town if you're after a good bear and a supernatural experience. The Moon River Company, for instance, boasts delicious food and drinks along with a reputation for being the most haunted place in America. So much so that both Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures have shot episodes in the brewery.

Other haunted sites include the Davenport House Museum, The Pirates House, Old Fort Jackson, and Colonial Park Cemetery.

During the Ghosts and Gravestones tour, your guide will tell frightening stories of the past and transport you to the most haunted sites in the city. These places include the River Street's Perkins and Sons Ship Chandlery and the Andrew Low House, a southern residence believed to be still haunted by the former's inhabitants' spirits.

You'll find more information on the Savannah Tour's website.

Also, if you want to end this scary night with a bang, stay in The Marshall House. This hotel was opened in the 1800s and served as an orphanage and hospital during the civil war. Many guests report seeing ghosts of children at night running down the hallway. So, if you're up for a fun and spooky adventure, a stay in The Marshall House is the perfect opportunity. 

7. Explore Tybee Island

Tybee Island
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Tybee Island is a popular weekend getaway for Georgians, and for a good reason. Blessed with white sandy beaches and clear waters, this is the perfect spot if you want to enjoy some outdoor fun or relax in a beautiful setting. Located only 28 km away from downtown Savannah, you can reach Tybee Island by car or catch the bus. You'll find more information on how to get there on the island's official website

And this slight stretch of heaven doesn't just boast spectacular scenery. It's also home to historical treasures such as Civil War-era lighthouses and a very informative marine science center. What's more, once on the island, you'll enjoy plenty of outdoor activities such as kayaking, powerboat riding, and shopping in one of the many seaside cottages.

Here are some of the best things to do in Tybee Island, Georgia:

  • Explore the Tybee Island Lighthouse and Museum: originally built in 1736 to help sailors as they approached the East Coast of the US, this landmark is the tallest lighthouse in Georgia. After climbing the 178 stairs to the top, you'll be greeted by breathtaking 360-degree views of the island and its surroundings. You can also explore the grounds and immerse yourself in the life of a lighthouse keeper back in the 18th and 19th centuries. Definitely worth the climb!
  • Make a stop at Fort Pulaski National Monument: this memorial was erected to preserve Fort Pulaski. On this historic site, the Union Army successfully used a rifle canon during the Civil War, rendering fortifications obsolete and ending a grueling 30-hour-long siege. Located on Cockspur Island, the monument covers most of the island, including the Fort. The site provides visitors with self-guided tours, historic weapons demonstrations, and exhibits featuring many artifacts. Note that you can also book daily excursions to explore the Fort and its surroundings.
  • Relax at South Beach: South Beach is a haven for beach aficionados and nature lovers. So, sneak out of your cottage early in the morning and stroll along this magnificent white sandy beach. This is the perfect spot to watch the sunrise. As you step foot on this little piece of paradise, you'll be swept away to a magical land of clear waters, mild currents and colorful skies. 
  • Embark On a Dolphin Tour: going on a dolphin tour to watch these majestic creatures jump around the boat has to be the epitome of a classic trip to Tybee Island. As you navigate the island's clear waters, you'll be able to spot bottlenose dolphins frolicking in their natural environment. Although you can see the dolphins year-round, the summer months are the best time to visit due to an influx of shrimp in the area.

8. Take a Walk In Forsyth Park

Forsyth Park in Savannah
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Visiting Forsyth Park is one of the best things to do in Savannah, with its beautiful scenery and magnificent fountain you will find yourself enjoying a day walking. Located in Savannah's Historic District, this beautiful 30-acre green gem is worth visiting while you're in the area. Created in 1851, it's the oldest public park in the United States.

The park was originally used as a parade ground for Confederate troops drilling before they mustered out to battle. That's why Forsyth Park was chosen as the home to Savannah's memorial to Confederate soldiers.

The lush park is also famous for its gorgeous fountain dating back to the late 1850s. Spectacular muss-hung oaks frame the fountain. In spring, the whole area becomes even more colorful and splendid, with hundreds of blooming azaleas giving the park a pink and purple hue. This green haven is the perfect place for a picnic or to read a book. What's more, you'll even be treated to local live music on some days.

And while you're there, we'd recommend stopping at 11ten for dinner. This unusual restaurant is located in the vault of a former bank and provides its hungry guests with exquisite southern cuisine. The ingredients are all sourced locally, and the menu offers a wide selection of mouthwatering dishes, including the Spicy Mussels and the Pan Seared Mahi Mahi. Add a glass or two of delicious wine from the extensive international wine menu, and you'll get yourself a dinner you won't forget.

And as if it wasn't enough, the place also boasts a splendid rooftop bar nestled among the oak trees for one-of-a-kind vistas of Savannah!

Final Thoughts:

We hope that this Savannah guide will help you design the perfect itinerary for your trip to Savannah, Georgia, and create memories you'll cherish forever. The charming city will provide you with an enchanting southern escape where art, bewitching tales, natural delights, and southern comfort food are all set under the veil of historical splendor. 

There are many excellent things to do in Savannah, Georgia, but if you had to choose just a few this list will create a great way to start your adventure in this charming town. Have fun and enjoy your adventure. 

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  1. On Tybee the most interesting and engaging activity for families of all ages is to spend time at Tybee Island Marine Science Center located at the north end of the north beach parking lot. Local marsh and ocean critters are on display and a touch tank let’s visitors touch and hold sea stars, horseshoe crabs and hermit crabs in their borrowed snail homes. You’ll learn all about Georgia’s dynamic coast and our great Atlantic Ocean.


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