VTSAX vs FZROX: Who is the Best

VTSAX vs FZROX: Who is the Best? VTSAX is one of the best index funds out there. FZROX is the new kid on the block making some noise. So who is the best?

What is VTSAX?

VTSAX is an index fund created by Vanguard that is a total stock market index fund tracking over 3500 different companies.


FZROX: FZROX is a newer fund created by Fidelity. It has a $0 minimum and 0% expense ratio..

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VTSAX: $3000 to start. FZROX: $0 to start

Minimum investments:

Expense Ratios: Expense ratios are a type of management fee that is added to a fund. VTSAX: 0.04% FZROX: 0%


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How Do these Fidelity Zero Fee Funds Make Money? These Zero Fee Funds are a way to get new customers in the door. Their competitors are Vanguard and Schwab and they offer some significant funds that can keep people working with them, but sometimes people may switch just because of cost.

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Taxes Efficiency

VTSAX does a great job with keeping taxes to a minimum. They do not pass on any gains to the investor at all. Making this fund one of the most tax efficient funds on the market.

Vanguard vs Fidelity: There is Vanguard and Fidelity. You cannot go wrong with being in with these companies. Vanguard is owned by the investors, and Fidelity is owned by the Johnson family. They are both great companies. 

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