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Welcome to The Frugal Expat!!

My name is Steve, and I live with my wife and daughter in Taipei, Taiwan working as an English Teacher. 

My wife and I are both travelers and savers. Traveling frugally throughout the years has led us to same a good bit of money that we can invest for our future.

I am an American expat and have been to 7 continents and over 27 different countries. My wife is an Australian expat and has been to 7 continents and over 67 countries. Our experience has led us to continue to travel cheaper, save better, and live a more frugal life.

The Frugal Expat is a personal finance blog that aims to help people do better in saving, investing, and working towards financial independence. If you are like me and want to travel the world as well, then there will be tips and tricks to help find cheap flights and travel cheaper.

I have been quite interested in finance ever since I decided I wanted to travel the world. There was a realization that I needed money to travel, so I read a ton of blogs about travel and finance. Upon realizing that I was 30 years old, and had not thought too much about saving and investments, I started to invest and save. 

I then took off for an adventure to travel, meeting my wife in the process, and eventually teaching my friends and others about finance.

As I keep learning about finance, I want to keep teaching others about it. Oftentimes, I hear people tell me about how they are afraid of the risks of investing, they don't know how to budget, or they are so stuck in debt. I just want to sit down with them and help them, but I see there is a whole lot of financial mental roadblocks in their way.

I hope this blog can help people out. Finances are not easy, but if you sit, read and learn, you can make life better.

If you are wondering where to start, you can start with the very first post. 

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“Spend less than you earn–invest the surplus–avoid debt”

– JL Collins

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