About Us

The Frugal Expat is a resource dedicated to helping people do better in saving, investing, traveling, and working towards financial independence. Every week, we publish content to help design travel plans, invest better, save more money, and to achieve your goals and dreams.

Our Mission

At The Frugal Expat, we are committed to making saving simpler, investing simpler, and helping people to go out and travel more. Traveling can be affordable. With the right tools in your hands you can make your financial and travel goals a reality. We seek to help people save more, invest more, and see the world more.

What Set's Us Apart

Our experience comes from real world experiences in saving, paying off debt, investing for the future, and traveling the world. Our team is full of travelers, personal finance writers, and those that want to help people to do better. The owner, Steve Cummings, has lived as an expat since 2017, and has visited many countries in that time period. He has inspired many people to save better and see more of the world. He is supported by a great team of editors and writers that believe in his vision to help people with saving and traveling.

The Frugal Expat has been featured in several podcast such as Joney Talks Podcast, Journey to Freedom Podcast, The Art of Money Saving Podcast, and Road to Wealth Podcast. Many of the articles have made it onto MSN, The AP Wire, Wealth of Geeks, Budgets Are Sexy, Savoteur, and have been featured on Apex Money, All Star Money, Physician On Fire, Banker on Wheels, Wallet Hacks, and many more.

Join Our Community

The Frugal Expat is more than just a website; it's a growing community of like-minded individuals and people passionate about personal finance and travel. We encourage you all to join the conversations, share the content, and share some of your experiences. Let's build something special where we can save and enjoy life on our journey.

Our Team

Owner: Steve Cummings

Editors: Mona Bagasao Cave and Liam Gibson

Writers: Stephanie Allen, Gabrielle Reeder, Sam Mire, Rebecca Holcomb, Kali, and Mike

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If you have any questions or inquiries feel free to contact me at Steve@thefrugalexpat.com or feel free to connect with me via social media.

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The Frugal Expat LLC

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