The 11 Best Stores To Coupon + 6 Essential Tips

best stores to coupon

Couponing has become a very popular hobby for many people. Who doesn’t want to find different ways to save money? Couponing can be a very effective tool for saving money on everyday household items and groceries. It is also quite … Read More

Frugal vs Cheap: Are you Frugal or Cheap?

Frugal vs Cheap

Have you ever been called cheap or a cheapskate? Does hearing the words cheap make you feel bad? Cheap as a word can have a negative connotation. As a frugal individual, I think people get confused about what is frugal … Read More

The Debt Free Journey of JD Rostagno

Welcome to Debt Free Journey. This interview series has been developed in collaboration with my friend Cristian Ferrier from The Financial Alien. We are excited to bring you a series in which we explore real-life stories on people working towards or … Read More

What You Need To Know About a Sinking Fund

We all have something special we’d like to buy for our home or in life. That old couch that has seen better days in your living room begging for a replacement or a vacation you thought about for a long … Read More

What is Geo Arbitrage? How does it Save Us Money

What is Geo Arbitrage

Have you ever wondered about saving money while living in a different country? The thought never crossed my mind until I was 30 years. Have you wondered what your financial impact would be by living in a Low Cost of … Read More

Debt Free Journey: Thomas (FI Cop)

Cristian FerrierCristian Ferrier is the founder and author of Financial Alien, a site that promotes financial literacy in people. He is a husband, father, and IT professional. A 34-year old immigrant who went from having $80k in student loan debt, … Read More

Coast FIRE: Front-load Your Retirement

What is Coast FIRE

The FIRE community comes up with ways to figure out how to live your best life while having enough money to retire. FIRE stands for Financial Independence Retire Early. The concept of coast fire is attractive to many people.  First, … Read More