15 Unique Ways To Cut Your Monthly Spending Bill

Stephanie Allen

Creating a budget is a big part of adulting. Maybe everybody doesn’t like working on their budgets, but ensuring you ...


15 Home Investments That Are a Waste of Money

Sam Mire

It is debatable whether your home is truly an investment, though it's common to hear houses billed that way. Even ...

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16 Things Frugal People Don’t Waste Their Money On

Rebecca Holcomb

Living frugally isn't something that comes naturally to everyone. For impulse spenders, cutting out unnecessary spending is a daily struggle. ...

16 Mistakes That People Make During Retirement

Steve Cummings

What is life if not a series of mistakes? While sage Americans recognize that each mistake is an opportunity to ...

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14 Signs That You Are Better Off Than The Average American

Rebecca Holcomb

If you're an American with an emergency fund, you can count yourself among the majority. However, that doesn't mean that ...

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16 Frugal Habits That Have Made Retirement Even Better

Rebecca Holcomb

Ah, retirement. Those twenty-five or thirty years after you hit the age to fully withdraw Social Security when you can ...

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16 Useless Items People Tend To Buy When They Retire

Stephanie Allen

Every working person dreams of retiring. Not having to report to work every day and being on their own schedule ...

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Retirement Reality Check: 12 Expenses That Can Sink Your Golden Years

Steve Cummings

Retirement should be a time of relaxation and enjoyment – but financial stress can often rain on your parade if ...

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Broke to Blissful: 10 Depression-Era Lessons to Master Your Money

Steve Cummings

The Great Depression was a difficult time for many people, but it also presented an opportunity to learn valuable lessons ...


16 Ways to Reuse Coffee Grounds to Help Save You Money

Stephanie Allen

A recent National Coffee Association (NCA) report found that coffee consumption has reached its highest levels in 20 years. Not ...

Cillian Murphy

10 Celebrities That Live a Humble and Frugal Lifestyle

Steve Cummings

While some celebrities live lavish lifestyles, others prefer low profiles. They may not be making headlines for their extravagant lifestyle. ...

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