These 15 Assets Are a Surefire Way to Lose Money

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Do you want to know the surefire way to lose money? Well, you’ve come to the right place! This article will share 15 assets that will drain your bank account. These investments seem tempting but have a high chance of … Read More

Is Life Good With LG’s New AI-powered Fund?


Artificial intelligence (AI) buzz has created most of this year’s stock gains and driven valuations of select tech companies to new heights.  Yet, as use cases multiply, an increasingly jumbled cast of corporate characters is joining the AI gold rush.   … Read More

Uber Shifts Gears to Profitability: Time to Buy?


After leaving investors waiting for years, Uber is finally at the door, with profits in hand.  The mega app’s pivot to profit and its approach to the S&P 500 have shifted the outlook for this one-of-a-kind tech stock. This shift … Read More

Thanksgiving Stocks to Compliment Turkey Day


The end of the year is in sight, and with Thanksgiving coming on November on 23rd, now could be the time to buy some seasonal on-trend stocks for the portfolio.  Investors may tend to some last-minute allocations as the “Thanksgiving … Read More

Spaxx vs FDIC: Which Fidelity Core Position is Best for You?

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For all the time avid investors spend poring over their portfolio compositions, minimizing tax burden, and comparing top-performing ETFs, some elements of their investment strategy don’t get as much attention. One such area is choosing between core positions such as … Read More

More Options: Small-Cap ETF Uses Daily Puts to Boost Yield

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Investors seeking enhanced income from their ETF portfolio have a new small-cap play to size up.  Expanding its collection of income options funds, Defiance ETFs has launched the Defiance R2000 Enhanced Options Income ETF (NYSE Arca: IWMY). The new fund … Read More

Final Leg: Three Investing Themes for Years End

The markets in 2023 have painted a confusing picture for investors. The Fed’s ongoing monetary tightening, a meltdown in the bond market, sluggish recovery in China, and renewed geopolitical conflict in the Middle East have been some big spoilers this … Read More

DGRO vs SCHD: Choosing Your New Favorite Dividend ETF

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Whether you’re looking for tax-efficient income, capital preservation, or steady, measured growth, dividend stocks are essential in many portfolios. In looking for a high-yield, low-cost, and diversified option to meet this need, your search may have led you to two … Read More

12 Strategies to Begin Creating Generational Wealth

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Creating generational wealth is a goal many of us aspire to, but few know where to start. But it’s not rocket science or something reserved only for the wealthy elite – it’s achievable for anyone willing to put in the … Read More