My Favorite Things

Here are some of my favorite things that I use with finances, blogging, and in life in general. I hope these can help you out as well. 

As a side note. I added an asterisk * to links that are affiliates of mine, which means I may receive a commission if you were to make a purchase.

Investing and Finances

  • Vanguard: This is my favorite American Brokerage Account
  • M1 Finance*: This is my favorite Automated Investment Account.
  • Fidelity: A great second choice to Vanguard
  • Yotta Savings*: This is my favorite fun savings account. ( 100 Free Tickets with my link)
  • Personal Capital*: I use them to help track my finances.
  • Acorns*: A good way to invest with spare change

Financial Books

Blogging Resources

  • Siteground*: This is the web host I use for my website
  • Divi*: This is the theme I use for the website
  • Express VPN*: I use Express VPN to help keep my IP address private.
  • Fiverr*:This is some affordable help for your blog.