Frugal vs Cheap: Are you Frugal or Cheap?

Frugal vs Cheap

Have you ever been called cheap or a cheapskate? Does hearing the words cheap make you feel bad? Cheap as a word can have a negative connotation. As a frugal individual, I think people get confused about what is frugal … Read More

Rich vs Wealthy: How Are They Different?

rich vs wealthy

Rich and Wealthy are two words people talk about interchangeably, but why?  Is being rich the same thing as being wealthy? “NO!!!” Being rich and being wealthy are two different things. Yes, a wealthy person can be rich, and a … Read More

53 Ways You Can Embrace Frugal Living Today

frugal living

For some of us, frugality comes naturally. But for others, frugal living conjures up images of a miserly, meager existence. No wonder so many tune out when the topic of frugality comes up! But what if I told you living … Read More

Summer is over, July 2021 Net Worth Update

July 2021 Net Worth Update

July 2021 Net Worth update: $201,623 July came and went as well as the year of 2021 is coming and going. We are halfway through the year, and our net worth surpasses anything we thought possible in 2021. You can … Read More

The Debt Free Journey of JD Rostagno

Welcome to Debt Free Journey. This interview series has been developed in collaboration with my friend Cristian Ferrier from The Financial Alien. We are excited to bring you a series in which we explore real-life stories on people working towards or … Read More