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15 Home Investments That Are a Waste of Money

Sam Mire

It is debatable whether your home is truly an investment, though it's common to hear houses billed that way. Even ...

16 Common Household Items That Are Worth a Fortune

Sam Mire

A penny found is better than a penny earned, as you don’t have to pay taxes on the penny found ...

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15 Fun Ways to Make an Extra $1000 During the Week

Sam Mire

Many of us roll our eyes when someone tells us to make a living doing what we love. Money is ...


17 Interesting Ways To Make An Extra $500 During the Month

Sam Mire

How do you spell love? M-O-N-E-Y. Actually, The Fabulous Thunderbirds lied about that, but “M-O-N-E-Y” does spell financial security. With ...

16 Major Mistakes People Often Make When Getting a Loan 

Sam Mire

A strategic loan can be a catapult into the next financial stratosphere. However, a bad loan can be an albatross, ...

Beautiful young parents and their cute little daughter are smiling while choosing school stationery in the supermarket. Mom is making notes in the list

14 Frugal Hacks to Transform Your Shopping Routine 

Sam Mire

You're never too rich to save money. If you're like us, you're not rich, which means you can't afford to ...

Couple discussing mortgage

17 Reasons Paying Your Mortgage Off Early May Not Be a Good Idea

Sam Mire

As Americans struggle to manage their financial burdens, countless financial gurus scream, “Pay your debts ASAP!” Not all debt is ...


15 Things That Shouldn’t Cost As Much As They Do

Sam Mire

These days, it seems like everything costs more than it should. Household debt rose by $184 billion in Q1 2024, ...

Sell Unused items

15 Items That You Might Want to Buy Used 

Sam Mire

Everyone has their philosophy on used versus new. Many believe that a used vehicle is the most valuable. Others prefer ...

Retiree Buys

16 Items Boomers Buy When They Retire That Are Completely Useless 

Sam Mire

Until you get there, retirement can feel like the great unknown. You have a plan but still don’t know precisely ...

16 Payments You Should Always Make With Cash 

Sam Mire

Ladies and gentlemen, the cashless society is nigh. Having recently had my cash rejected at a professional hockey game, the ...

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