Man having money

10 Simple Ways To Be More Frugal With Your Spending Habits

Chris Phelan

Completely altering your lifestyle to embrace frugality is daunting for many people. Everybody would love to save money, but it ...

Olive Garden

12 Most Overrated Restaurant Chains in the US

Steve Cummings

Have you ever walked into a restaurant with sky-high expectations, only to leave disappointed? We've all been there! In this ...


10 American BBQ Chains That Are Actually Worth Trying

Steve Cummings

Hey there, foodies! If you're like me and have a thing for smoky, juicy, melt-in-your-mouth BBQ, then this is the ...

dog walker

These 12 Jobs Are Perfect for Seniors Who Want to Keep Active and Productive

Steve Cummings

Are you a senior citizen looking for ways to stay active and productive? Or, do you have a parent or ...

Mother and daughter surprised

11 Facts About Life That Sound Made Up, But Are Completely True

Saad Muzaffar

If you’re a geek like me, then you might be curious to know about a lot of random titbits that ...

Couples arguing outdoors

Unveiling 10 Brutally Honest Truths About Marriage We Often Keep Hush-hush

Ben Rice

American marriages have been on the decline for a long time. Data on show that in 2021, six people ...

Man chained to laptop

Daydreaming About Quitting Your Job? Here Are 10 Things To Consider First

Ben Rice

So many people work jobs they don’t like or even hate, so looking at the grass on the other side ...

Woman scared on road

12 Bizarre, the Unexpected, and Downright Strange Things People Have Seen on City Streets

Saad Muzaffar

The hustle and bustle of people in the streets is pretty average for city life. Yet, sometimes, you’ll find the ...

Upset woman in airport

10 Travel Hurdles That Caught Explorers off Guard on the Road

Ben Rice

Some people say they love travel, but actually, they hate traveling, and when you go through the oft-dehumanizing charade of ...

Businesswoman stress, anxiety and burnout in busy office

Job Zen Unleashed: Stop Dreading Your Workday With These 11 Tips

Stephanie Allen

Going to work isn't something you necessarily like, but you have to do it because you need money to survive. ...

Woman digital nomad

Digital Nomad Woes: 10 Trickiest Things About Being Location Independent

Stephanie Allen

  The life of digital nomads, who work online from different locations, is envious if you have wanderlust or want ...

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