The 7 Best Golf Travel Bags Money Can Buy

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Best golf travel bags

If you're an avid golfer, you know that there are tons of fantastic golf courses to experience worldwide. Whether it's golf courses built for retirees or ones that pros frequent, there is a diverse array of golf courses around the planet.

Though traveling the world and playing excellent golf courses is a dream for many people, most forget about the actual logistics behind traveling for golf. You must prepare your golf gear (like proper golf attire, including golf shoes), buy an oversized luggage pass, and, most importantly, get a golf travel bag to protect your clubs!

Golf travel bags may seem like such a small travel detail, but they can be instrumental in the success of your golfing trip. Shoddy golf travel bags can rip up your golf clubs, let water seep in, and inadequately protect your golf clubs on plane rides.

On the contrary, quality golf travel bags ensure that all your golf accessories stay dry and that your fairway woods won't get snapped in half during your trip.

This post will outline what you should look for in golf travel bags and provide you with seven of the best golf travel bags for the year ahead. So let's take a look!

Criteria to Look for in Golf Travel Bags

Though this list will give you examples of potential golf travel bags on the market now, new products are constantly coming out every day. What was good this year may not live up to its future counterparts.

Take golf simulators and home golf simulators, for instance: Trackman and Foresight are coming out with new models yearly; each new release outstrips the older version by a mile. The same is valid for golf travel bags.

For that reason, it's essential not only to know the names of some reputable golf bags that are good for travel but to also understand what makes a golf travel bag good. Here are some things to consider when deciding between golf travel bags.

Case Structure: Soft vs Hard-Cased Golf Travel Bags 

Some golf travel bags are soft-cased, and others are hard-cased.

Soft-cased travel bags have an exterior made from a soft, malleable material. Hard-cased travel bags have a tough exterior that doesn't bend or fold.

The main advantage of a soft-cased golf travel bag is that it is easier to store and much lighter than a hard-cased counterpart. However, hard-cased golf travel bags protect golf clubs better and can prevent significant damage if the travel bag gets knocked around.

To begin your decision-making process for which golf bag is best for your travels, determine whether you'll purchase a hard-cased or soft-cased bag.

Invest in a Padded Travel Golf Bag

Whether you choose a soft-cased or hard-cased travel bag, make sure that it has plenty of interior padding to protect your golf clubs.

Some people neglect to do this and put some clothing around their irons and fairway woods to prevent damage. While this may help, having a built-in padding system is a far superior solution.

Your golf bag will likely be roughly handled in the airport, go through lots of turbulence on the plane, and bump around in shuttles and taxis. The last thing you want is to arrive at your hotel and discover that your driver shaft or putter snapped in half.

The cost of replacing that putter may be worth the extra money to prevent the occurrence in the first place: invest in a well-padded bag.

Get a Golf Bag with Wheels

Make sure your golf travel bag has wheels.

People often stuff a bunch of luggage together with their golf equipment, which adds weight to a golf travel bag. Having wheels on the bag is crucial to helping you roll around the oversized baggage and move more freely.

Consider a Light-Weight Bag

Make sure the golf bag you select is relatively light in weight. You'll be hauling this bag around a lot; you don't want to add more weight to carry around during your travels than you need.

Additionally, many airlines charge extra if you exceed their weight limit with oversized items. Having a lighter bag means being able to fit more stuff into your travel golf bag. This can also potentially save you money.


Finally, price is a significant consideration when evaluating various golf travel bags. For example, you'll want to look for a golf bag that meets all your criteria yet won't break your budget.

However, be cautious not to cheap out when thinking about what you want to spend on the bag. You've likely already invested thousands of dollars on your golf clubs, so it's worth investing a little to ensure they safely get to and from your travel destination.

Best Golf Travel Bags of 2022

Now that you know what to look for in golf travel bags, here are some of the best picks for this year. All of these golf bags offer something unique, and you're sure to find one that matches your needs.

Sun Mountain ClubGlider Meridian Golf Travel Bag

The Sun Mountain ClubGlider travel bag is for golfers who are serious about protecting their golf clubs. If you spend tons of money on your clubs, get golf swing tips and putting tips from pros, and are very invested in the game, this bag is for you.

The bag's look, durability, and ease of use make it one of the most prestigious golf travel bags on the market.

Club Glove Last Bag

Made out of Cordura fabric, the Club Glove Last Bag is a travel bag frequently used by tour pros. Tons of durability is provided by this soft-cased bag.

It's very high-quality as all its materials are sourced from the USA. It has one main zipper, so getting your stuff in and out of the bag is effortless.

The only downside to this bag is that it isn't cheap. Club Glove is a premium brand. Though you can save money by going with a different company, this golf bag will do the trick for travel if you intend to protect your clubs with a truly reliable bag.

Bag Boy T-2000 Travel Cover

The best thing about the Bag Boy T-2000 is that it is light and easy to use. Its ergonomic design reduces arm strain when traveling. Its deluxe in-line skate wheels will help you cruise to your destination with your golf clubs.

Bonus: the Bag Boy T-2000 is on the cheaper end of the travel bag price spectrum, so it won't hurt your wallet if you decide to go with this one.

Tourtrek TC Pro Travel Cover

The Tourtrek TC Pro has a large compartment that wraps around your golf clubs and zippers shut. Troutrek also has an internal compression strap to help secure your golf clubs for travel.

With interior pockets, an oversized external shoe bag, and an integrated ID card holder, it has everything you'll need in a golf travel bag and more!

Caddy Daddy Constrictor 2-Wheeled Golf Travel Cover

At only $110, the CaddyDaddy Constrictor is one of the best value golf travel bags. It accommodates all bag sizes, has heavy-duty lockable zippers in its central opening and side pockets, and is heavily padded near the top to protect golf club heads.

Additionally, the Caddy Daddy Constrictor 2 has a one-year full replacement warranty. If your golf bag is damaged (even by an airline), Caddy Daddy will send you a brand one for free within the warranty year!

Caddy Daddy Enforcer Hard Top

The Caddy Daddy Enforcer bag is Caddy Daddy's hard-cased travel bag superstar.

Crush-resistant and weighing in at just nine pounds, this bag provides golfers with outstanding value for the price. Despite being a hard-cased travel bag, there is plenty of storage for shoes and other golf gear. You can rest assured that your clubs will be safe in this travel bag.

Founders Club Golf Travel Bag

Easy to spot and super durable, the Founders Club Golf Travel Bag has tons of padding to ensure your golf clubs do not get damaged in transit. This travel bag also has lots of room for any apparel or golf balls you want to travel with.

As one of the most stylish bags on the market, the Founders Club Golf Travel Bag seamlessly integrates good looks with maximum utility. Plus, it is priced well so that you can travel with your clubs without having to break the bank.

The Best Golf Travel Bags

There are too many great golf courses worldwide not to experience them first-hand. To do that, though, you need a reliable golf travel bag.

You can have some of the best golf clubs in the world, but if you can't protect them during your travels and get them to your destination in one piece, you won't be able to enjoy them.

This post has outlined what you should look out for when looking for a golf travel bag. Make sure to pay attention to:

  • Case Structure
  • Padding
  • Wheels
  • Weight
  • Price

It has also provided you with seven of the best golf travel bags to help protect your golf clubs on your next golf trip! Whether you play golf with carrying bags or you own a cart bag, prefer the brands Titleist or Taylormade, or ride in carts or walk, you're sure to find a golf travel bag that works for you on this list.

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