10 Celebrities That Live a Humble and Frugal Lifestyle

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While some celebrities live lavish lifestyles, others prefer low profiles. They may not be making headlines for their extravagant lifestyle. Still, they are certainly making an impact in the world. Despite their fame and fortune, some live modestly and give back to society. Here are some of our favorite celebrities living the most frugal, happy lives!

1. Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves
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You may know Keanu Reeves from movies like The Matrix and Constantine. Despite being among the wealthiest actors, he still lives a modest lifestyle that fascinates many fans.

With his $360 million net worth, Reeves lives in a simple apartment and uses the city bus for transportation. He is also known for his philanthropic activities, including building a cancer charity in honor of his sister.

2. Cillian Murphy

Cillian Murphy
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Cillian Murphy is famous among lovers of the British crime drama series Peaky Blinders. He also starred in films like Inception and The Dark Knight.

Murphy loves to live a simple lifestyle with his family, out of the public eye, and doesn't even use the internet. According to one, Murphy dislikes Hollywood, celebrity culture, and overspending on unnecessary luxury items.

3. Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran
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Ed Sheeran is one of the most famous pop stars of this generation. But despite his immense success, Sheeran still lives a simple life, avoiding the trappings of fame.

He's also known for his philanthropic efforts toward children and the less privileged. In addition, he sometimes donates some of his concert proceeds to charity. With his humble personality and generosity, Sheeran is undoubtedly one of the most admirable celebrities, regardless of what Pitchfork says about him.

4. Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell
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Kristen Bell may be a Hollywood A-lister, but she is also a practical parent. She famously shops at Target and prefers to live a frugal lifestyle. Bell also uses her platform to create awareness about mental health, which is why she is one of the most loved celebrities.

5. Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker
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Sarah Jessica Parker is a humble fashionista known for her iconic role as Carrie Bradshaw. Despite her love for designer clothing, Parker is known for her thrifty ways. She is sometimes seen shopping at thrift stores and consignment shops. She also values quality over quantity, investing in timeless pieces that will last years.

6. Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence
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Despite her global fame and success, Jennifer Lawrence is known for being an actual person — not just a celebrity. She's been spotted many times riding the subway. Also, she lives in a modest apartment in New York City.

Despite earning millions, Lawrence chooses not to waste money on designer clothing or luxury cars. Instead, she enjoys spending time with friends and family and is a darling on and off set.

7. Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl
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Dave Grohl is a famous face in rock music in the U.S. Despite his fame and success, Dave is known for his humble lifestyle. He reportedly still drives the same pickup truck he had in high school, and he's often seen wearing basic t-shirts and jeans.

Dave has spoken openly about his appreciation for simple life and spending time with family. He's even been known to cook meals for his bandmates while on tour; isn't that lovely!

8. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio
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Leonardo DiCaprio is Hollywood's very own Prince Charming. Despite his immense wealth, DiCaprio is committed to living a low-carbon lifestyle, saving the planet. He reportedly drives a hybrid car and lives in a solar-powered home.

He's also been known to travel by commercial airlines rather than private jets. In addition, he is a vocal advocate for environmental conservation efforts worldwide.

9. Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sarah Michelle Gellar
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Sarah Michelle Gellar was a household name in the 1990s after acting in several blockbuster movies. However, despite her success, Sarah has been spotted shopping at discount stores and eating fast food. Sometimes, she even takes the subway to get around Los Angeles.

10. Taylor Swift

Rio de Janeiro, December 8, 2009. Singer Taylor Swift during her show at the HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Taylor Swift is one of the best-selling artists of all time. Still, she has always been the blonde country girl we all knew and fell in love with. She's been spotted shopping at thrift stores and wearing basic clothing, and she's even been known to send personalized gifts to her fans.

Are you surprised by the names and faces on this list? Do you have another frugal celebrity nominee we should add to it?

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