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16 Best Places to Visit in Singapore on Your Trip

Steve Cummings

Known as one of the world's most expensive, bustling, and vibrant cities, Singapore is technically an island, a city, and ...

American Airlines Carry-on size

17 Countries for American Expats to Consider Traveling to Next

Steve Cummings

Hey there, wanderlust-filled adventurers! Are you dreaming of a new place to call home, even for a while? Well, you're ...

Salzburg Austria

The 15 Safest Countries in the World To Travel Too on Vacation

Steve Cummings

A safer world is a priority for many people, such as travelers, those with families, and all sorts of others. ...

woman on the wall of Dubrovnik

Split vs Dubrovnik. Which Croatian City Should You Visit?

Steve Cummings

If you are planning a Croatian adventure on the Dalmatian Coast but are unsure which of the most popular towns ...


Escape to Paradise: 15 of The Most Stunning Bucket List Destinations to See

Steve Cummings

What items are on your wish list? Do you keep a list of all the places you want to see ...

Lake Tomahawk

Don’t Miss Out On These 15 Fantastic things to do in Black Mountain, NC

Steve Cummings

Are you planning a weekend getaway to Black Mountain, NC, and looking for the best things to do there? Well, ...


15 Reasons to Put Corfu, Greece on Your Bucket List

Steve Cummings

There are many great places to take an affordable holiday in Greece, both on the mainland or on one of ...


13 Amazing Things to Do in Summerville, SC That You Didn’t Expect

Steve Cummings

Are you planning a trip to Summerville, SC, and looking for the best things to do there? No worries! You've ...

The 12 Huge Expenses That Could Be Hitting Much Harder in Retirement

Steve Cummings

Retirement should be a time of relaxation and enjoyment – but financial stress can often rain on your parade if ...

Bergamo Italy

Is Bergamo Worth a Visit? 16 Reasons to Spend a Weekend There

Steve Cummings

If you are planning a trip to Italy and looking to visit somewhere less famous but just as beautiful as ...

senior travel

16 Boomer Travel Trends That Are Making a Comeback

Steve Cummings

As the world opens its doors wider after years of travel restrictions, the baby boomer generation is eagerly dusting off ...

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