10 Things Americans Would Spend Their Time Doing If They No Longer Had To Work

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Can you imagine a life where you didn't have to trade hours of your life for the manmade construct of money? Sounds like paradise, right? After someone asked Americans in an online forum what they would do with their time if they didn't have to work anymore, the answers are compelling. 

1. More Time to Travel

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It's an excellent opportunity for those who love to travel. A travel lover said: “I have a bucket list of astronomical objects and phenomena I want to see before I kick the metaphorical one, so I'd use that time to travel and see the ones that I haven't crossed off.”

They hope to see The Northern and Southern Lights, the moon from the southern hemisphere, the Magellanic Clouds, and various meteor showers from a place of true darkness.

2. Own a Hobby Shop and More

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A self-proclaimed geek prefers to build themself a lovely hobby shop, do 3D printing, woodworking, maybe some metalworking too, electrical stuff, a bit of side project programming, design some tabletop RPGs, play some games, and do a little traveling.

3. Have Kids

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For one individual, a work-free life with so much money means they can adopt several kids, travel, fund charities, go back to school, get way more involved in local politics, hire an incredible gardener/landscaping team, and follow them around like a puppy to learn how to manage the extensive gardens they have. 

4. Being A Guitarist And Chef

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“I want to learn to be a damn good guitarist and chef,” someone comments. But most of all, they'd want to spend every waking minute with their mom. Awe.

5. More Hobbies

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A retiree narrates what they currently do with their work-free life and confesses that they would do it all over again. They would enjoy making cheese, curing meats, doing some woodworking, playing their guitar and harmonica, start learning piano, hanging with friends, smoking dope, and many more other fun things just like they already do.

6. Be a House Husband

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Someone who admits to hating work says they'd be a house husband and play video games a lot in addition to doing lots of reading and homeschooling their daughter. And if they had loads of money, they'd learn another language and move to a country where they don't won't have to worry about school shootings.

7. Be An Atticus Finch Attorney

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It's the dream of one user to be an Atticus Finch attorney. The idea, according to them, is to take cases or projects that they think are good for the world or interesting intellectually just to keep their mind sharp. Amidst all that, they want to be able to schedule long trips with their girlfriend around the world whenever there isn't something going on.

8. I Think I Would Still Work 

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Surprisingly, some people still desire to work. Explaining why, this individual says, “I enjoy my job. It's my best medium for cerebral fulfillment, intellectual stimulation, and scaled impact outside of myself.”

The only reasonable option for them, they admit, is to move to independent consulting to make their own hours and have more time to be outside. Another person opts for a part-time low-stress job like stocking grocery store shelves or something to find purpose and a reason to get out of the house.

9. More Time To Write

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One songwriter and performer wishes to spend more time writing music. Right now, they get so burned out with work at the end of the week that they no longer enjoy writing in their free time. 

10. Volunteer

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Finally, a college student envisages that life would be boring without having something to go out and do. As such, they'd love to volunteer. At the moment, they feel like doing the things they usually can't wait to do after class in the summer when they are much less busy makes it less enjoyable. 

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