The First $100K is a B*tch

“The first $100K is a b*tch, but you got to do it”. Charlie Munger said this at a Berkshire Hathaway meeting. It truly is hard to get your first $100k. It takes saving, investing, and staying out of debt. Plus … Read More

Should You Own your Own Property?

Should you own property

Watching youtube videos in my spare time trying to learn something new, I sometimes come across some interesting guys. One person, in particular, is the youtuber Graham Stephen. He is a finance youtuber that is in his late 20s that … Read More

Living in Taiwan is Cheap; a Budget for Taiwan.

Living in Taiwan, has afforded my wife with great opportunities to save money. Living in Taipei can be quite more expensive than living in a smaller town. We do save a bit more money on transportation living in Taipei, but … Read More

The Sunshine Blogger Award

Today I am excited to announce that the Frugal Expat was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award! It is pretty exciting! The award does not come with any cash prizes, but I would enjoy sharing with you some What is … Read More

Debt Avalanche Helping to Destroy your Debt

Have you heard about the debt avalanche method for getting rid of debt? You may have heard of the debt snowball method. Dave Ramsey is a big proponent of the debt snowball method. Many other people support him as well. … Read More

October 2020 Net Worth Update

October 2020 Net Worth update: $128,736 October has been an interesting month for us. Our savings rate has been pretty great thus far. We haved saved around 70% of our income for the month of October. Our investments have dropped … Read More