old money vs new money

Old Money vs New Money: What’s the Difference?

Steve Cummings

There are two sides to wealth. There is old money vs new money. Each one has its place in society, ...

where should I move

Where Should I Move? 13 Questions To Think About When Moving.

Steve Cummings

Whenever I am thinking of a significant change in life, the common question that may come up is, “where should ...

What is Barista FIRE? Retire Sooner

Steve Cummings

Retiring can be a massive dream for many people in the world. Doing it early is an even better dream ...


Fat FIRE: Enjoy the Finer Things in Retirement

Steve Cummings

Fat FIRE offers the chance to enjoy a higher standard of living with more financial security than other kinds of ...

Money isn't everything

Money Isn’t Everything. 8 Things That Are More Important

Steve Cummings

As I get older, I realize money isn't everything. People talk about the importance of money. Money can buy you ...


VTSAX vs FZROX, Who is The Best?

Steve Cummings

 VTSAX is one of my favorite funds. It is simple and easy, and it has low expenses. This index fund tracks the ...

generational wealth

7 Ways to Build Generational Wealth

Steve Cummings

We have heard before that successful people have been given the means to hit success. Often, we may not realize ...


HCOL vs LCOL: The Financial Impact Pros & Cons

Steve Cummings

Looking for places to live can be a daunting task. We need to weigh the pros and cons of each ...

coast fire

Coast FIRE: Front-load Your Retirement

Steve Cummings

The FIRE community comes up with ways to figure out how to live your best life while having enough money ...

Dave Ramsey Baby Steps

The Truth Behind The Dave Ramsey Baby Steps

Steve Cummings

The Dave Ramsey Baby Steps program is one of the most popular debt relief programs out there. He has a ...

what is geo arbitrage

Escape the Rat Race: How Geo Arbitrage Can Change Your Life and Finances Forever

Steve Cummings

Have you ever wondered about saving money while living in a different country? Many countries around the world have cheaper ...

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