VTSAX vs FZROX, who is the best?


VTSAX is one of my favorite funds. It is simple, easy, and it has low expenses. This index fund tracks the Total Stock Market, and it is efficient. As everyone knows, new products come out all the time. Fidelity released … Read More

Merry Christmas from the Frugal Expat

Steve CummingsI’m Steve. I’m an English Teacher, traveler, and an avid outdoorsman. If you’d like to comment, ask a question, or simply say hi, leave me a message here, on Twitter (@thefrugalexpat1). Many of my posts have been written to … Read More

How Credit Cards can be a big tool

Someone recently posted a comment on my blog asking, “Do you think it is a need to have a credit card even if I am not borrowing money?” That question helps me to reflect on things people have told me … Read More

Why Do the Rich Keep Getting Richer?

Rich people think differently. They have a different mindset. A mindset for gaining assets instead of liabilities. They work hard on their goals that they set and continue to achieve them. Living paycheck to paycheck is not something they do. … Read More

Yotta Savings vs Ally Bank: Who wins?

Let’s begin to talk about savings accounts. First of all, savings accounts are the place you want to save your money for like an emergency fund. It is a good place to park your money until needed. Usually, an emergency … Read More

November 2020 Net Worth update

November 2020 Net Worth update: $145,830 The month of November has been an eventful month. There has been lots of positive gains within the market due to great optimism of a change within the leadership in the U.S. plus a … Read More