Merry Christmas from the Frugal Expat

Steve CummingsI’m Steve. I’m an English Teacher, traveler, and an avid outdoorsman. If you’d like to comment, ask a question, or simply say hi, leave me a message here, on Twitter (@thefrugalexpat1). Many of my posts have been written to … Read More

How Credit Cards Can be a Big Tool

Someone recently posted a comment on my blog asking, “Do you think it is a need to have a credit card even if I am not borrowing money?” That question helps me to reflect on things people have told me … Read More

Why Do the Rich Keep Getting Richer?

Rich people think differently. They have a different mindset. A mindset for gaining assets instead of liabilities. They work hard on their goals that they set and continue to achieve them. Living paycheck to paycheck is not something they do. … Read More

Yotta Savings vs Ally Bank: Who wins?

Let’s begin to talk about savings accounts. First of all, savings accounts are the place you want to save your money for like an emergency fund. It is a good place to park your money until needed. Usually, an emergency … Read More

November 2020 Net Worth update

November 2020 Net Worth update: $145,830 The month of November has been an eventful month. There has been lots of positive gains within the market due to great optimism of a change within the leadership in the U.S. plus a … Read More