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Things to do in Dublin

16 Epic Things to Do in Dublin That Will Make You Want to Move Here

Steve Cummings

Dublin is a fantastic city known for its lovely streets, colorful doors, live music, and old buildings. This article will ...

Cleveland Ohio

12 Places to Finally Find Affordable Homes For Sale

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Taco Bell

12 Fast Food Restaurants That Give You the Most Bang for Your Buck

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Bologna, Italy

Eat Well, Spend Less: 10 Countries Where Healthy Dining Is a Steal

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Are you tired of spending a fortune on healthy food? Do you dream of eating like a king or queen ...

Mount Rainier

Snowy Serenity: The 10 Best States for a Winter Break Getaway!

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Austrian Food

Austrian Food: 16 Must-Try Traditional Austrian Dishes and Desserts

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This country's food is the ultimate comfort, influenced by its neighbors Germany, Italy, and Switzerland. Once the core of an ...

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Energy Bill Hacks: 12 Genius Tricks to Slash Costs You Never Knew!

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Are the bills piling up and your wallet losing its thickness? Your energy bill doesn't have to be a thorn ...

Owner renting house

Costly Surprises: 10 Expenses You Didn’t Expect When Selling Your Home!

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Edinburgh, Scotland

16 Epic Things to Do in Edinburgh on Your Visit

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Edinburgh is a fantastic city and is one of our favorites here at the Frugal Expat.  It's big but walkable, ...


10 Habits of Self-Made Millionaires That Can Make You Rich

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Financial Fumbles: 10 Purchases Millennials Learned From the Hard Way!

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