21 Side Hustles For Teens to Make Extra Money

side hustles for teens

Teens typically want more independence as they get older. They often reach a point where they don’t want to rely on mom and dad for every penny, but they might not have time for a part-time job yet. If they … Read More

45,000 a Year is How Much an Hour?

45,000 a year is how much an hour

If you have just joined a new job or are planning to apply for one and need to know this answer, it’s always a good idea to understand how much an hour is worth.  It can give you a clear … Read More

20 Frugal Living Tips To Start Saving Money Today

frugal living tips

Some people believe being frugal means being stingy, but that’s not the case! Being frugal means being smart and making sound decisions when it comes to spending. This is not just a way to save money but also to be … Read More

The 15 Best Things to Do in Greenville, SC

Things to do in Greenville SC

If you are looking for a place with food, outdoor activities, shopping, museums, and good breweries to visit, then look no further than Greenville, South Carolina.  Greenville, SC, is one of the fastest-growing places in the U.S.A., where significant industries … Read More

The 8 Best Things To Do In Savannah, Georgia

Savannah Georgia

Looking for a destination where you can enjoy beautiful landscapes, indulge in delicious southern food, and discover incredible historic sites for your next holiday? Then, Savannah, Georgia, might be just what you need! Whether you love history, art, food, outdoor … Read More

5 Money Lessons Not Taught in School

In life, you spend your first 18-20 years in school. You may spend longer in school. The hope is to have a good education, go out into the world, and be able to create income and value within the world. … Read More

Southwest Cancels Flights Dropping the Ball on Boxing Day

Southwest cancels flights

Flying home for Christmas should be a manageable event. You get on the plane, make it to your destination, and enjoy the holiday. Due to the weather, many people had flights rescheduled, delayed, and canceled. Thankfully, on December 26th, many … Read More

Everything You Need to Know About The Chase 5/24 Rule

Chase 5/24 Rule

Credit cards can open the world of travel, cash back, and many more rewards. The issue is what happens if you open too many at once. In 2015, there were applicants with excellent credit getting denied by Chase. The reason, … Read More

How to Hit Credit Card Minimum Spend: 10 Easy Ways to Start

credit card minimum spend

If you enjoy traveling and going on free trips, you may be someone who likes travel hacking. One part of travel hacking is hitting those credit card minimum spend requirements, which can be difficult. The old-fashioned way is to spend that money, … Read More