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Southwest Rapid rewards Priority Credit Card image

The Southwest Rapid Rewards Priority Credit Card: Fly Southwest With This Card

Steve Cummings

Southwest is a favorite airline to many people. Its budget-friendly product offers many customers an easy ride from one city ...

the best travel card for families

The Capital One Venture X Could Be The Best Travel Card For Families

Steve Cummings

Credit Card companies and banks compete to be in everyone's wallet. They offer big bonuses, lucrative bonus categories, and plenty ...

how to improve your credit score

5 Tips on How to Improve Your Credit Score

Steve Cummings

Credit is a big thing in the United States. It is how you open up credit cards. Your mortgage rates ...

Top Financial mistakes

7 Quick Steps to Pay Off Credit Card Debt

Courtney Luke

Have you ever felt like you're drowning in credit card debt? The bills keep piling up, making it impossible to ...

Best travel Credit Cards

Travel More, Spend Less: The 15 Best Credit Cards for Budget-Friendly Vacations in 2023

Steve Cummings

Everyone that likes travel wants to spend less and travel more. If there were an unlimited amount of money, these ...

Chase 5/24 Rule

Everything You Need to Know About The Chase 5/24 Rule

Steve Cummings

Credit cards can open the world of travel, cash back, and many more rewards. The issue is what happens if ...

credit card minimum spend

How to Hit Credit Card Minimum Spend: 10 Easy Ways to Start

Steve Cummings

If you enjoy traveling and going on free trips, you may be someone who likes to use travel credit cards. ...

Capital One Venture X Card

Capital One Venture X Loses Priority Pass Extras

Steve Cummings

In November 2021, Capital One Venture X came on the scene with a bang. They offered a luxury credit card ...

Capital One Venture X Card

Could the Capital One Venture X Card Be Your Next Credit Card?

Steve Cummings

Using premium travel rewards credit cards brings massive value to those who like to travel. With so many of these ...

The Chase Ultimate Rewards Program

A Guide For The Chase Ultimate Rewards Program

Steve Cummings

Chase Ultimate Rewards points are among the best points and credit card currency out there. The Ultimate Rewards program provides ...