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More Options: Small-Cap ETF Uses Daily Puts to Boost Yield

Liam Gibson

Investors seeking enhanced income from their ETF portfolio have a new small-cap play to size up.  Expanding its collection of ...

Final Leg: Three Investing Themes for Years End

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The markets in 2023 have painted a confusing picture for investors. The Fed’s ongoing monetary tightening, a meltdown in the ...

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DGRO vs SCHD: Choosing Your New Favorite Dividend ETF

Sam Stone

Whether you’re looking for tax-efficient income, capital preservation, or steady, measured growth, dividend stocks are essential in many portfolios. In ...

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12 Strategies to Begin Creating Generational Wealth

Steve Cummings

Creating generational wealth is a goal many of us aspire to, but few know where to start. But it's not ...


12 Ways to Invest That Don’t Involve The Stock Market

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If you believe the stock market is overrated, you are not alone. Many people believe that sometimes the stock market ...

All-weather Portfolio

The Ray Dalio All-Weather Portfolio, The Right Outfit for Any Occasion

Sam Stone

Try though we might, human beings can’t always accurately predict the weather. Dark, misty mornings can precede warm sunny days ...

2 Vanguard ETFs To Buy and Hold Forever

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Vanguard became known as the king of index funds, and they have also created many great ETFs to go along ...

Buy the China Dip? Neuberger Berman Launches China ETF

Liam Gibson

Investors who remain bullish on companies in China have a new exchange-traded fund (ETF) to consider.  The New York-based, employee-owned ...

One Warren Buffett ETF that Can Take You From $3,736 to a Million Dollars

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Warren Buffett is known as one of the greatest investors of all time. Many people seek to know his secrets ...

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‘Rooms’ for Gains: Could These Hotel Stocks Surge from Airbnb Woes?

Steve Cummings

Airbnb has had a wild ride in recent weeks.  In September, the accommodation platform was ushered into the S&P 500 ...

The Golden Butterfly Portfolio

Could The Golden Butterfly Portfolio Be Your Golden Goose?

Sam Stone

As much as economists, pundits, and analysts may try, no one can ever perfectly predict what is coming next for ...