How Long Does It Take to Get A Tax Refund?


Tax filing time is stressful for many Americans. Yet once you complete your taxes, the fun part begins – getting your tax refund. Of course, the happiness of receiving a few thousand dollars in a tax refund makes up for … Read More

Taxes on Dividends: Answers to 4 Key Questions

the taxes on dividends

Dividends are one of my favorite things to collect. Even John D. Rockefeller understood the power of dividends. He has been quoted as saying, “Do you know the only thing that gives me pleasure? It’s to see my dividends coming … Read More

How to Do Taxes on Your Own: Your Complete 2021 Guide

If you earn a steady income or even an inconsistent one, you’re likely paying taxes or on the hook for them. Employers withhold taxes each pay period from their employees’ paychecks, sending them to the IRS and your relevant state … Read More

The 6 Best Tax Software to Help You do Taxes

During this tax season time we have to wonder about how each person is doing. Do taxes stress you out? Are tax professionals too expensive for you? Are you feeling uneasy and want to know how to do them easier? … Read More

Why do we fear doing taxes?

Why do we fear our taxes

It is that season once again. That season that most of us dread. Tax Season. Taxes are a basic part of life. Governments work off of taxes. It pays for schools, it pays for police, and infrastructure. Yet, we still … Read More

$100,000 a year with $0 income tax

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