Don’t Break the Bank: Check out These 19 Cheapest Countries to Fly into Europe!

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As summer is coming, plans need to be made about where to travel next. Europe is a great destination to embark on an incredible journey by seeing many famous spots, eating fantastic food, and enjoying a coffee at a local shop. However, choosing the cheapest flying destination can take time and effort. After going through google flights, Skyscanner, Hopper, and many other search engines, a list of the cheapest countries to fly into Europe has been curated to help you make your next vacation decision. 

1. Reykjavik, Iceland

Northern Lights Over Iceland
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The cheapest city to fly into on this list will be Reykjavik, Iceland. It is close to North America and makes flying here from Boston or New York much more affordable. They can use narrow-body aircraft, which costs less and makes it so easy to get to Iceland. It can also be a good hoping spot for the rest of Europe. There are also so many cool things to see and do in Iceland. At $500 round trip during parts of the year, who wouldn’t want to go? 

2. Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland
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Dublin is a low-cost destination from many parts of the U.S., giving it a great spot to land in Europe for cheap. Some tickets can be as low as $600, depending on the season and time of year, but it is doable. This city has much to see and do, especially if you like some good Guinness. So take a trip to Ireland. 

3. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Amsterdam has the busiest airport in Europe. With so many flights coming in and out, it is a gateway into Europe. KLM is the national airline with direct flights from 20 different U.S. cities making flight prices so cheap and affordable. You can get tickets as low as $350-600 round trip.

4. London, UK

London England
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London is another city that has many affordable flights that come through the city. Many of the flights are cheaper because many people will have stopovers in Reykjavik and Lisbon and then land in London. That makes the flights much cheaper. You can find round-trip flights for $400-740. 

5. Milan, Italy

Milan, Italy
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Start a journey to northern Italy and visit Milan. Milan is much cheaper to fly into than Rome, and you can find round-trip tickets as affordable as $700 round trip to Milan. The city is full of different things to explore. It is Northern Italy, so you can enjoy parts of Italy and venture over the Alps for hiking or skiing. 

6. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark
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Another Scandinavian country to visit is Denmark, and Copenhagen offers various affordable options. So take a trip to Copenhagen, see parts of Northern Europe, and then take trips to other parts of Europe. 

7. Munich, Germany

Munich, Germany
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Due to competition and low airport fees, Munich has emerged as one of the cheapest cities to fly into from North America. It is the gateway into Central Europe, and there is much to do in Munich for tourists. Then if you get tired of Munich, you can head to the Czech Republic or Austria. 

8. Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy
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Rome has made the list of cheap flights for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it has direct flights to 10 U.S. cities. Then with these direct flights, more competition brings down the price of flights into Europe. For a round-trip economy, the flight could be found between $500-600. Being the busiest airport in Italy, there is no wonder there are so many cheap flights.

9. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal
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Lisbon has the best of both worlds. Cheap flights from North America, and it is an affordable city. You can find flights as low as $600 from North America and Canada and start a wonderful affordable vacation in this great city and country. Plus, there are some fantastic things to do in Portugal, so check for some flights and book a trip. 

10. Paris, France

Paris, France
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Paris, the city of love, has many direct flights coming in from various cities in the U.S. With known airlines like United, American, and Air France flying into Paris, it is sure to find a great deal on a flight. You could discover discounts ranging from $300-600. 

11. Madrid, Spain

Madrid, Spain
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Madrid has the second largest and the fifth busiest airport in Europe. With all that traffic of planes and passengers, no wonder it is deemed as one of the cheapest cities to fly into Europe from the U.S. During certain times of the year, you can find round trip tickets between $400-750. Come to Spain and enjoy an affordable country and a cheap flight. 

12. Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt, Germany
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Frankfurt is not a city most tourists think about, but it does have the third busiest airport in Europe. It also has a vast network of trains and transportation out to many other cities, so if you are looking for a cheaper way to get to your destination, fly into Frankfurt and then find a route to your next destination. 

13. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain
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Barcelona has a less busy airport than Madrid and Lisbon but services a couple of transatlantic flights giving it a doorway to Europe. With many budget airlines going out of Barcelona to the rest of Europe, it can be a great starting spot for your European vacation.

14. Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich, Switzerland
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Switzerland is known to be expensive, but Zurich’s airport has an airport that usually ranks in the top 10 in the world, and people flock to Zurich for the Alps. With Swiss Airlines being the flagship airline, you can find flights ranging from the mid $400s to the $700s. So check out many of the options to fly into Zurich. 

15. Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria
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Suppose you are looking for an unexpected place to find cheap fares; Vienna, Austria, is that place. While prices soared last summer, Vienna held down the fort with affordability. The great thing about Vienna is that it is close to many European cities like Prague, Bratislava, and Budapest. So you can fly into Vienna and head out to other countries. 

16. Oslo, Norway

Oslo, Norway
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The good news about flying to Norway is that tickets are ridiculously cheap. Some flights can be as low as $600. The country is costly, but getting there is the most affordable part of the trip. Come check out this Nordic country full of beauty, mountains, and water, and fly there cheaply. 

17. Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey
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Sitting nestled between Europe and Asia in Istanbul. With the massive expansion of Turkish airlines, Istanbul has become such a cheap city to fly into. Turkish Airlines flies in and out of Istanbul from all directions, and you can find some incredibly cheap deals coming out of North America to visit this wonderful city. Make sure to check out the Blue Mosque. 

18. Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw, Poland
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Warsaw has Poland’s busiest airport, which handles way over 300 flights a day. It offers many avenues to see other parts of Europe, but it has direct flights to Chicago and JFK in NYC, bringing out cheap fares to bring people to the capital of Poland. 

19. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary
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Flying into Europe can take many routes and money; fortunately, you can find cheap flights to Budapest, Hungary. The best part is that Budapest is one of the most affordable cities in all of Europe and boasts incredible culture, food, and wonderful people. So find a deal and book a trip to Budapest. 

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