12 Cities That Surprised Us With Their Charm and Atmosphere

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Traveling to a new place can be challenging, especially when figuring out where to eat and stay. Knowing the ins and outs of a city is very important when being there, but there are some places where you feel safe and comfortable like you were back in your home city. Sometimes, the city's charm is enough to ease some of your anxieties while traveling.

1. Kansas City, USA

Kansas City, Missouri
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A quiet city, Kansas City sits right on the border of Missouri and Kansas with little around it. One forum user had visited and said, “I knew absolutely nothing about Kansas City before driving there, so finding good barbecue there was a welcome surprise.” Along with the great food, the cooks behind it were even better people with welcoming arms.

2. Munich, Germany

Munich, Germany
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Munich, mainly known for the Oktoberfest Celebration, is an outstanding city many overlook. One visitor had gone for Oktoberfest and had one of the best times ever due to the city's extraordinary people and overall vibe! Not only was Oktoberfest a blast for this tourist but the food and museums were just as fun as the festivities.

3. Pittsburgh, USA

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
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Pittsburgh was a lot more popular back when the steel industry was still running strong, but was later gutted when the industry collapsed. Many people consider this a better version of Detroit due to the similar emphasis on factories and the working class. Pittsburgh is a city to visit with its gorgeous bridges and their unique slang is fun to pick up as well.

4. Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City, Mexico
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When most people think of a trip to Mexico, they picture a lovely beach where they sit and absorb the sun, but not this traveler. One tourist decided to visit Mexico City and would later call it his home. He moved there for various reasons, such as the food, the people, and the visuals, like the paintings and murals. It's becoming a very popular destination for digital nomads as well now!

5. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain
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Barcelona does not get as much love as it should for how much it has to offer. One forum user had visited there in 1979 and was amazed at what it was like. Then, he went back a few more times and claimed that even today, the architecture still blows him away with how creative and detailed it is. Visitors are often surprised by how alive the city is, with the overall quality of life being so high.

6. Seattle, USA

Seattle, Washington
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When traveling, it is a lot of being in large crowds and humid air, but when visitors land in Seattle, Washington, they immediately get hit with cold, crisp, fresh air. Seattle is gorgeous, especially around wintertime, when the gigantic pine trees are coated in snow, which makes for stunning views.

7. Keelung, Taiwan

Keelung, Taiwan
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Keelung, located on the Northeast side of Taiwan, is a small city that offers a lot of fun things to do on your visit. With the main feature being the street market food, Keelung also has a gorgeous beach, where many boats enter and exit.

8. Tallinn, Estonia

St. Olaf Baptist Church and Tallinn City Wall in the morning, Tallinn, Estonia
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This fascinating city is located on the top of Estonia and has lots to offer. There is a perfect mix of old and new, where “Soviet-era concrete monstrosities overlook Medieval buildings, while down the road people in glass and steel skyscrapers design chips for cell phones,” a forum commenter states. Many visitors that go here end up returning to see it all over again.

9. Las Vegas, USA

Las Vegas, Nevada
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Las Vegas may get a bad reputation due to gambling and partying, but people overlook the rest of the beautiful city. While a lot of people go there to hit the casinos and test their luck, looking beyond that and going into the city is how many visitors have the best time there. The mix of different vibes throughout the city makes this a fantastic place to travel to.

10. Popayan, Colombia

Corners and locations of the old colonial city of Popayan, in Cauca, Colombia
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Popayan is a very religious city located on the western side of Colombia and is filled with churches throughout. It is mainly known for its old, white-washed buildings that give the buildings an outstanding look. The people here are very genuine, and the food is spectacular.

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11. Trondheim, Norway

Trondheim, Norway
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Trondheim is a historic city with much to show dating back to the eleventh century. Visitors claim an easygoing vibe here, with the people being extraordinarily relaxed and going with the flow. This is a great city to walk, with lots of open land to see.

12. Beijing, China

Beijing, China
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Beijing has recently gained a name for being heavily polluted and a generally dirty place, which shunned away many travelers with the desire to visit. While the pollution is terrible, many people go there and have no idea about it because the media portrays it as very bad when, in reality, it is not that dirty.

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