15 Flexible Jobs That Pay at Least $25 an Hour

Stephanie Allen

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Workers are always looking for an opportunity to make more money. Since the global health crisis, workers want to earn more and have a flexible work schedule more than ever. The days of expecting low pay and rigid schedules are falling by the wayside.

A good-paying job with a flexible work schedule isn’t nearly as impossible as it may seem. On the contrary, quite a few jobs offer the flexibility workers want and pay at least $25 an hour or more. If you or someone you know are looking for work that meets these requirements, check out these careers.

1. Paralegals and Legal Assistants

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Anyone interested in law practice but doesn’t have a law license can enter the field by working as a paralegal or legal assistant. These roles involve helping lawyers get ready for hearings and trials.

The work of a paralegal and legal assistant varies according to different factors, such as the area of specialty and the size of a law firm. The 2023 median hourly pay for these careers is $29.31.

2. Claims Adjuster

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Claims adjusters are in an important position within the insurance industry. They analyze personal injury or property damage claims to assess how much the insurer should pay.

They’re tasked with conducting interviews and investigations as part of an overall report of their findings. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median wage for claims adjusters is $36.07 an hour.

3. Graphic Designer

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One doesn’t have to be a starving artist to be successful. Graphic designers earn a good living using their artistic abilities. All it takes is a creative mind and an ability to work collaboratively. 

Graphic designers create manual or computer-generated images, often used commercially for various projects, including logos and advertising. The BLS indicates the 2023 median hourly wage for graphic designers is $28.32.

4. Technical Writer

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A lucrative occupation unfamiliar to most people is technical writing, with a $38.49 median hourly pay rate. It’s a pretty profitable career for anyone with excellent written communication skills.

Have you ever read through a printed or online how-to manual, frequently asked questions pages or a standard operating procedures guide? Chances are those documents were developed and created by a technical writer.

5. Benefits Specialist

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Companies hire benefit specialists to manage policies related to paid and unpaid leave, retirement benefits, and health and life insurance plans. They’re responsible for researching and suggesting which plans companies should offer their employees.

These specialists ensure benefit programs comply with government regulations and collaborate with insurance carriers and brokers to manage employee enrollment and renewal. They earn a median hourly pay of $35.83.

6. Athletic Trainers

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Athletic trainers are known for working with professional athletes but can treat any demographic. They generally function under a doctor’s supervision and collaborate with other healthcare professionals.

Athletic trainers are among the first healthcare providers to assess an athlete's injury and discuss treatment options when it occurs. Their median annual salary is $57,930, which comes to $27.85 an hour with a 40-hour-a-week working schedule.

7. Event Planner

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Planning conventions, weddings, and conferences often require the services and expertise of event planners. They meet with clients to gather information on the event’s requirements, including the number of people attending and related expenses.

While the planned event occurs, event planners work behind the scenes managing logistics and ensuring all the vendors receive payment. If you can keep calm under pressure, this may be your job. It offers great flexibility with a $27.36 median hourly wage.

8. Help Desk Technician

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Help desk technicians, also known as computer user support specialists, are integral to any information technology (IT) department. They provide technical support to network and system users within a company.

Help desk technicians work in companies of all sizes and industries. They can perform tasks such as setting up new users and troubleshooting issues. The 2023 median hourly pay for this occupation is $29.24.

9. Insurance Sales Agent

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By far the most visible career in the insurance industry, insurance sales agents sell various products to clients. These include life, property and casualty, health, and long-term care insurance.

This is an excellent occupation for people with strong communication and interpersonal skills. Some companies also provide generous commissions for insurance products sold. The base hourly median wage for this career is $28.40.

10. Editor

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Editors wear many hats, which is required before a website, magazine, newspaper, or book is published. They review and modify drafts and plan and decide what stories will be published.

Editors can work as part of a team in a larger publishing operation or individually at smaller organizations. The 2023 median pay for editors in the media and publishing industries is $36.07 per hour.

11. Public Relations Specialist

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Public relations specialists often develop news stories, press conferences, and social media posts. It’s their job to give their clients – groups, organizations, and individuals – a positive image to targeted audiences.

With a median pay of $32.09 per hour, these communications experts work in many industries, including government, to convey specific messages and respond to media inquiries about the entity that hires them.

12. Dietician and Nutritionist

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Dieticians and nutritionists work in various settings, including school cafeterias, hospitals, and government agencies,using their knowledge to encourage healthy eating habits. They frequently collaborate with other medical professionals.

Dieticians and nutritionists help individuals improve their general health by advising them on which foods to eat and avoid and meal planning. Their advice also assists in preventing illness or addressing existing health conditions and the role diet and nutrition play. The median hourly pay for these professions is $33.50.

13. Human Resource Specialist

Human Resources
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When applying or interviewing for a job, a human resource specialist is usually the first person jobseekers are in contact with. They recruit, review resumes and applications, and interview candidates.

HR specialists are frequently responsible for onboarding newly hired employees and informing them of company policies, procedures, and benefits they’re entitled to. This rapidly growing occupation has a median hourly compensation of $32.53.

14. Medical Equipment Repairer

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A relatively unknown but important career is that of medical equipment repairer.

The median average pay for these professionals is $29.17 per hour, and it’s well deserved. Medical equipment repairersinstall, maintain, and repair equipment used in patient care.

They may work in one of several settings, including hospitals, outpatient surgery centers, or clinics. With a wage of $29.17 an hour, it’s no surprise that job growth in this occupation is faster than average.

15. Mental Health Counselors

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Mental health counselors treat different types of clients, including couples, families, and groups. Many specialize in a particular area, such as marital and adolescent counseling.

Their primary role is to help clients address issues related to mental health, like phobias, anxiety, and depression. These services are typically voluntary, but there are occasions when it’s court-mandated. The 2023 median pay for mental health counselors is $25.82 per hour.

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