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Tirana, Albania

16 Hidden Travel Gems That Will Wow Most Travelers

Stephanie Allen

Selecting a destination can be hard for anyone planning a vacation. Do you choose a familiar place? One that’s a ...

Woman applying for jobs

15 Flexible Jobs That Pay at Least $25 an Hour

Stephanie Allen

Workers are always looking for an opportunity to make more money. Since the global health crisis, workers want to earn ...

14 Things Millennials Are No Longer Buying: A Shift in Consumer Trends

Stephanie Allen

Each generation has its share of likes and dislikes, which impact their shopping habits. Millennials are no different. As consumers, ...

Job interview for seniors

14 Reasons Baby Boomers Are Struggling to Find Employment

Stephanie Allen

In today’s climate, finding a job at any age isn’t easy, despite the reports of strong hiring growth. It’s even ...

14 Signs Your Finances Are in Good Shape After Age 65

Stephanie Allen

Age 65 is the magic number for many working people. It’s the age when many decide to leave the workforce ...

15 Unique Ways To Cut Your Monthly Spending Bill

Stephanie Allen

Creating a budget is a big part of adulting. Maybe everybody doesn’t like working on their budgets, but ensuring you ...

13 Unfortunate Facts About Electric Cars You Didn’t Know

Stephanie Allen

If electric vehicles (EVs) are the future wave, then the future is now. The shift away from gas and diesel-powered ...


Retire Like Royalty: Top 15 Spots to Live Comfortably on Social Security

Stephanie Allen

One of the most challenging decisions retirees have to make is where to live. Most retirees must live on a ...

working in a warehouse

15 Blue Collar Jobs That Make at Least $100k A Year

Stephanie Allen

There’s a long-standing belief that the best path to a six-figure salary is attending college and earning a bachelor’s degree ...

retire lady buy

16 Useless Items People Tend To Buy When They Retire

Stephanie Allen

Every working person dreams of retiring. Not having to report to work every day and being on their own schedule ...

Times Square

16 Places That Look Better in Images Than In Real Life

Stephanie Allen

When you look at pictures of certain cities and landmarks, it’s easy to be in awe and to want to ...

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